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  • You can take tests and submit assignments in the Blackboard app. If a test isn't supported on mobile, you'll see a message in the app that directs you to take the assessment in a desktop browser instead.

    The app helps you stay organized and know when tests and assignments are due.

    Activity Stream  lets you know when new course content, assignments, and tests are available and when work is due. Click an item in the activity stream to go right to your course.

    Due Dates  for all of your courses are shown in the main menu. Within courses, you see due dates for that course only.  Learn more about due dates.

    Course Content  for each course lists due dates with assignments and tests.

    Push notifications  appear on your device even if you don't have the Blackboard app open.  Learn more about push notifications.

    1. Access an assignment from  Due Dates  in the menu or in a course.
    2. Read the assignment details.
    3. In the app, assignment instructions for Original courses show  after  students begin an attempt.
    4. Tap  Start Attempt.
    5. Complete the questions.
    6. Tap  Save for Later  or  Save and Close  if you aren't done working or  Submit  to turn in your work now.

    Read more on adding files from your cloud accounts

  • You can access tests from the activity stream, Due Dates  in the main menu or within a course,  Grades  in the main menu or within a course, or within a course's content.

    Take a test
    1. Access a test from  Due Dates  in the menu or in a course.
    2. Read the test details.
    3. Tap  Start Attempt.
    4. Answer the questions.
    5. Tap  Save for Later  if you aren't finished working or  Submit  to turn in your test now.

    If you see that  Drafts are disabled  and you can't save for later, your instructor selected a setting that requires you to complete the test in one session.

    Group assessments aren't supported in the app for Original or Ultra courses at this time.

    The Blackboard app supports these test questions and features for Original courses:
    • True/False
    • Multiple Choice
    • Short Answer
    • Essay
    • Either/Or
  • After your test or assignment is graded, you can view your scores right in the app. For assignments, your attempt is visible. For tests, you may be able to view your attempt in the app, but it depends on the test settings your instructor chose. If you can't see your attempt, try viewing it in a web browser instead. Click to read more on grades and feedback
  • For long assignments and tests, periodically save drafts. If you lose your internet connection, drafts are stored locally on your device and are maintained until you submit the assignment or test. If you uninstall the app, your draft will be lost.  If you have frequent connection issues, please contact your instructor.

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