Open Enrollment

The 2023 Open Enrollment period for health benefits is October 11 to November 4, 2022 at 5pm. During this time, eligible faculty and staff can enroll in health benefits, change benefits or dependents, and sign up for flexible spending accounts.

2023 Benefits Guide and Rates

The State of Maryland Health Benefits Guide for Plan Year 2023 (pdf) contains important information about year-to-year plan changes, benefits options, eligibility and more. The guide is available here, and is also posted on the Department of Budget and Management website.

For additional information you can check out State of Maryland’s benefit site .

Key Benefit Change

Workday: Log In Now!

This year's Open Enrollment is being conducted through Workday, an online benefits system. Workday provides all faculty and staff the ability to access, enroll in, and manage benefits through one online portal. You should familiarize yourself with the system prior to the start of Open Enrollment.

  1. Visit the State of Maryland’s OneLogin website to enter the Workday system
  2. Enter your SPS Workday ID, you can find your Workday ID through the Payroll Online Service Center (POSC) system.
  3. Enter the temporary password* made up of the following characters:
    • Capital first letter of your first name
    • Lower case first letter of your last name
    • Four digit birth year
    • Last four digits of your Social Security Number
    • End by entering $ (the dollar sign character on your keyboard)
    • You will be prompted to select at least one security method that works best for you: a one-time passcode via email or text, a passcode through a app on your mobile device, or security questions.

*Example of temporary password: Jane Doe born on 12/4/1970 with an SSN ending in 1234 would use the temporary password Jd19701234$

For questions, contact Anjanette Evans at 301-860-3452 or via email or Sheila Hobson at 301-860-3451 or via email at


CY23 Employee Retiree Rates (

CY23 Retiree Comparison Rates (

CY23 10 Month Employee Rates (

CY23 Contract Variable Rates (

CY23 Wellness Plan Activities (


 What to Expect and Actions Required
Faculty and staff who would like to have healthcare flexible spending accounts (FSAs) for 2023 must re-elect their FSA amounts during open enrollment. The annual FSA cap is now $2,850 for plan year 2023.

If you aren't making changes to your current benefit elections and will not elect a FSA for 2023, then you do not have to do anything in Workday during Open Enrollment. Your benefits will default to your current elections with the exception of FSAs.

Adding Dependents

When adding a qualifying dependent during Open Enrollment you must provide the required supporting documentation.

  • Required dependent(s) documentation must be uploaded by 11/4/22 for the newly added dependent(s) to be eligible for coverage effective 1/1/23, if documentation is not uploaded the newly added dependent will be removed.
  • When adding a new dependent in the Workday Open Enrollment event, you will see a listing of the required documentation for each dependent type.
  • The documentation MUST be uploaded and attached to the Open Enrollment event in Workday at the time of completion and submission.
  • Pictures of the required documentation and uploaded legible screenshots are acceptable.

 Wellness Plan
The Wellness Plan is voluntary and available to all employees enrolled in health benefits and enrolled spouses who are not eligible for Medicare.

Wellness Activities and Rewards

Select a primary care physician (PCP) if you have not already done so, then complete the online health risk assessment located on your plan's website. Once these activities are completed, your primary care visits are free for the remainder of the plan year and a $5 reduction of the specialist copay.

Rewards earned in 2022 continue through December 31, 2023. Note that PCP election rolls over from year to year – you do not have to re-select unless changing to a different PCP.

Need Assistance?

Contact Anjanette Evans at 301-860-3452 or via email or Sheila Hobson at 301-860-3451 or via email at