FAQ s for Inter-Institutional Registration Program

Q.     Which schools are part of University System of Maryland? 
A.     There are 11 participating schools:Bowie State University University of Maryland, BaltimoreCoppin State University University of Maryland, Baltimore CountyFrostburg State University University of Maryland, College ParkSalisbury University University of Maryland Eastern ShoreTowson University University of Maryland University CollegeUniversity of Baltimore Fact:  Inter-Institutional Registration Program is only available for Fall and Winter semesters.  Bowie State University does not offer this program for Summer session.
Q.  Where can I find the Inter-Institutional Registration (IIR) Form and what do I do with it?
A.   The IIR Program Forms located in the Office of the University Registrar.Complete the Student Information part of the form and take the form to your Academic Advisor and have them assist you in completing the Registration Information portion, they can provide you with the “Home Equivalent” course information and sign-off for “Academic Approval”.  Retain a copy of the form for your records.Leave the completed IIR Form at the Office of the University Registrar.  In most cases the IIR Form will be ready for pick by noon the next day but you will receive an email notification that the form has been processed and ready for pick up.Once you have received “Home” institutions approval on your form you must take the IIR Form to the “Host” school and register for your class.
Q. What are the minimum requirements for participating in the Inter-Institutional Registration Program?
A. Each participant in the IIR Program must be in good academic standing with a minimum GPA of 2.0 for undergraduate students and 3.0 for graduate students. Undergraduate students must be currently enrolled at BSU as a full-time student in a minimum of 12 credits and have attained at least sophomore status. ROTC students are exempt from the sophomore standing requirement. Fact:  If the minimum requirements are not satisfied you will not be eligible to participate in the IIR Program.
Q.  Which school do I pay?
A.   Undergraduate students will pay tuition & fees for courses to BSU (the home institution) unless otherwise indicated.  Fees at the host institution associated with special courses may be assessed.Fact:  The Host school will classify BSU students as inter-institutional registrants and this should eliminate any problems with billing, etc.Fact: Special permits, parking or other fees at the host institution the responsibility of the student. 
Q.   I have completed a course but it is not showing up on my Degree Progress Report or Transcript. I see ELEC 130 Inter-Institutional?
A.   When the Registrar’s Office processes your IIR Form you are placed in a generic course (usually ELEC 130) here at BSU for the semester that you are taking the course.  If a course that you took is not appearing on your Advising Report we not received an official transcript your coursework. Fact:  It is the students’ responsibility to provide the Office of the University Registrar with a sealed official transcript your coursework.  We will not accept opened transcripts or copies of transcripts.
Q. What is the difference in the IIR Program and the Permission to Enroll at Another Institution Program?
A. The IIR Program applies your course work as “resident credit” the course will count in your GPA,  The Permission to Enroll at Another Institution Program allows you to take courses both in-state and out-of-state and transfer the courses back to BSU. The Permission to Enroll at Another Institution Program your course work will be considered as “transfer” credit and will not count in your GPA.