Help With Your Personal Email

When logging on and trying to enter authentication credentials, you may be repeatedly prompted with authentication dialogs, or you may get the immediate error message "Access is Denied." Try the steps described below to troubleshoot this error message:

  1. In the user name field, type in your email alias. If you are a student your email alias will be combination of your last name, first name initial, month and day of birth: for example, if your name is Jane Doe born May 5th, your email alias will be: DoeJ0505 and your email address will and in the domain field, type in BSU and your password in the password field and hit the key. If you are faculty/staff, your email alias will be combination of your first name initial and your last name. For example, as a faculty/staff if your name is John Way your email alias will be: JWay and your email address will be and BSU as the domain, if prompted to enter domain.
  2. If your Internet browser does not display domain field, the domain name, BSU, must be entered into the User Name field with a back slash before your email alias. For example, if your alias is: DoeJ0505, the format should be: BSU\DoeJ0505 and then your password.
  3. Password is case sensitive. Students are advised to use lower case when typing in their email alias and password. For example, if your password is: JH123e and you typed in jh123e, you will be denied access to your mailbox. You must type your email alias and password exactly as setup.
  4. If after carefully following the above steps and you are still unable to get into your personal email, close and re-launchyour browser and carefully follow the above steps 1 ? 2 again.
  5. If the problem persists after carefully following steps 1, 2, and 3, please call the Help Desk at 301-860-4357 for assistance.