About Voicemail

Voicemail is provided for all BSU-issued telephone extensions.

Get Started with Voicemail

Set-up from Your Extension

  1. Dial the internal voicemail extension number -24999
  2. Enter the temporary passcode - 1234
  3. Follow the prompts - (only you will know the new pass code that you choose)

Set-up from Another Extension

  1. Dial the internal voicemail number-24999
  2. Enter the * key when prompted for a pass code
  3. Enter your mailbox number followed by the * key
  4. Enter your pass code when prompted)

Retrieving Messages

  1. Press 7 to Play
  2. Press 3 to Delete
  3. Press 4 to give the messages to another mailbox
  4. Press 5 to save the message
  5. Press 7 to replay the message
  6. Press 9 to return to main menu
  7. Press # to transfer to an extension

Retrieving Messages from an Outside Line

  1. Dial the external voicemail number, 301/860-4999 then press *
  2. Enter your mailbox number followed by the # key
  3. Enter your PIN followed # key

User options:  Press 4 for set up options.

User Options

  • Press 1 for Personal Options
  • Press 2 to Record an Automated Greeting
  • Press 3 to Record a Personal and/or Out of Office Greeting
  • Press 8 to change your message

Support for Voicemail

For assistance with voicemail, you may contact the Office of Telecommunications through the IT Help Desk.