Faculty Senators


Faculty Senate Representatives for 2023-2024

Senators are elected to serve a two year term. Two At-Large Senate representatives are elected by the full-time faculty of each college in the Spring semester. Department representatives are elected by the full time faculty of each department during the first department meeting of the academic year. A full-time professional librarian is also elected to serve on the Faculty Senate.

College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Communications: Uchenna Onuzulike - uonuzulike@bowiestate.edu 

Department of Computer Sciences: Vacant

Department of Fine and Performing Arts: Tewodross "Teo" Williams - tmelchishua@bowiestate.edu

Department of History and Government: Carmen Walker - cwalker@bowiestate.edu 

Department of Language, Literature and Cultural Studies: Sidney "Kwaku" Walker - swalker@bowiestate.edu

Department of Mathematics: Roman Sznajder - sznajder@bowiestate.edu

Department of Natural Science: Deborah Rayfield - drayfield@bowiestate.edu 

Department of Technology & Security: Daryl Stone - dstone@bowiestate.edu

At-large: Tyesha Burks - tburks@bowiestate.edu & Tamara Brown - tlbrown@bowiestate.edu 

College of Business

Department of Accounting, Finance, and Economics: Enoch Osei - eosei@bowiestate.edu 

Department of Management Information Systems: David Anyiwo - danyiwo@bowiestate.edu

Department of Management, Marketing, and Public Administration: Minette Bumpus - mbumpus@bowiestate.edu 

At-large: Richard Lowery III - rlowery@bowiestate.edu & Symon Manyara - smanyara@bowiestate.edu 

College of Education

Department of Counseling & Psychological Studies: Cubie Bragg - cbragg@bowiestate.edu 

Department of Educational Leadership: Renee Foose - rfoose@bowiestate.edu

Department of Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development: Peter Parker - pparker@bowiestate.edu 

At-large: Darla Scott - dmscott@bowiestate.edu , 1 Vacancy

College of Professional Studies

Department of Behavioral Sciences and Human Services: Anthony Jackson - ajjackson@bowiestate.edu 

Department of Criminal Justice: Sharon Theodore-Lewis - stheodorelewis@bowiestate.edu 

Department of Nursing: Denise Jarboe - djarboe@bowiestate.edu 

Department of Psychology: Katrina Kardiasmenos - kkardiasmenos@bowiestate.edu 

Department of Social Work: Emory Perkins - eperkins@bowiestate.edu 

At-large: VACANT (2)


Library: Phillip Tajeu - ptajeu@bowiestate.edu