A Message from the President

A Message from the President

June 1, 2018

Announcement About the Spring 2019 Commencement Location

After careful review of the recommendation made by the Commencement Site Taskforce, BSU will take the next step to assess the viability of returning the Spring Commencement ceremony for 2019 to the BSU campus.

Last fall, I convened the taskforce of representatives from the shared governance groups and the National Alumni Association to conduct a cost/benefit analysis for holding the Spring Commencement ceremonies on or off the campus and make a recommendation about a future location. The recommendation put forth at the conclusion of their review is to return the ceremony to the BSU campus.

While there are remaining concerns to be addressed to determine the viability of returning the ceremonies to the BSU campus, I am conditionally accepting the recommendation. An alternative option will be under review simultaneously, should we not be able to resolve the safety issues in time for May 2019. To address the ongoing concerns, I am convening an implementation team to explore and recommend reasonable remedies, including the possibility of hosting two separate ceremonies in the Leonidas S. James Physical Education Complex. Secondly, the committee will explore the use of Bowie Baysox Stadium as a possible alternative site. Moving the May 2019 Commencement to the campus means that we will not renew the contract at the Xfinity Center for next year. I thank the University of Maryland staff for their assistance to support the BSU Commencement ceremony since 2013. I would also like to thank the Commencement Site Taskforce members and the chair, Dr. Sammye Miller, for their service in making this recommendation.