A Message from the President

A Message from the President

July 23, 2018

Approved New Expenditures for FY 19

As we move full force into the fiscal year, I want to share information about the new expenditures approved for funding. Our collaborative budget development process enabled us to work together with input from every division to allocate funds in line with our shared vision for the future of Bowie State University, outlined in the Strategic Plan 2018-2023, which is in the last stage of being finalized. The contributions of faculty and staff in the strategic planning process provided the foundation to advance our three institutional priorities – academic excellence, student success and viability of the university. The plan is a roadmap to guide decision-making about new initiatives, programs and funding allocations over the next five years. All of the activities granted new funding this year contribute in some way to advancing our strategic priorities in the plan.

While there are other needs across the campus, I ask unit heads to look internally within existing budgets to address the most critical needs and to begin thinking creatively about new strategies to address the challenges ahead. The “Race to Excellence” is more like a marathon than a sprint. It will require careful pacing and planning for each leg to build on the success of the leg before. In case you missed it, please read my letter noting the many accomplishments of the first leg of the journey last year. Greater success lies ahead for BSU with your continued efforts and support. 

Here is a breakdown of the funded activities:

FY 2019 – New Expenditures

President - $112,725

  • Visual Images Coordinator (University Relations)
  • Communications Specialist (University Relations)

Administration & Finance - $101,500

  • Landscape Technician (Landscape & Grounds)
  • Maintenance Mechanic (Facilities)
  • HR Generalist (Human Resources)

Information Technology - $60,000

  • Intranet Buildout

Enrollment Management - $115,000

  • (2) Graduate Enrollment Counselors (Admissions)
  • Recruitment Events (Admissions)
  • Recruitment Brochures and Supplies (Admissions)
  • Training and Professional Development (Financial Aid)
  • Parchment Software (Registrar)

Institutional Advancement - $151,000

  • Feasibility Study & BSU Campaign (Development)
  • Planned Giving Initiative (Development)
  • Position Reorganization (Development)

Student Affairs - $101,080

  • (2) University Police Officers (Campus Safety)
  • Administrative Support (Counseling)

Academic Affairs - $2,306,723

  • Center for Experiential Learning Director and Operating Budget (New)
  • Cyber Security Certification
  • Accreditation Funding
  • FPAC Technical Equipment Coordinator (Fine & Performing Arts)
  • (2) Faculty Positions (Economics)
  • Faculty Position (Finance)
  • Entrepreneurship Academy Director and Operating (New)
  • (2) Faculty Positions (English)
  • (2) Contractual Faculty Positions (English)
  • Graduate Teaching Assistants (English)
  • PT Greenhouse Technician (Natural Sciences)
  • Faculty Position (Natural Sciences)
  • PT NMR Technician (Natural Sciences)
  • Faculty Position (Technology & Security)
  • Director of Field Education (Social Work)
  • ACEN Consultants and Visit Costs (Nursing)
  • Faculty Position (Behavioral Sciences & Human Services)
  • Faculty Position (Human Resources Development)
  • Faculty Position (Criminal Justice)
  • Graduate Assistantships (Graduate Studies)
  • PT Data Analyst & Institutional Assessment
  • Continue Criminal Justice & Human Resource Development Programs at Southern MD
  • Veterans Day and Continuing Education Program Funding (Continuing Education)
  • Administrative Support (Continuing Education)
  • Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) Fellows
  • Faculty Institute
  • Adjunct Faculty Institute