Student Green Ambassadors

 Do you care about your environment and community? Are you motivated to inspire others to take action for a greener campus, and world? Are you already part of an affiliated group through work, worship, school, or community activities? Be a BSU Student Green Ambassador!

Green Ambassadors group shot. Not all members are present in picture

What is a Green Ambassador?

A green ambassador is a BSU student volunteer leader dedicated to helping preserve our campus and planet by committing to motivate others on campus and in the community to become more energy efficient, less wasteful and adopt environmentally-friendly lifestyles. They help make decisions regarding environmental sustainability for the entire campus.

It is a flexible role with no set schedule or required number of volunteer hours. Just be passionate and available to help with sustainability projects, events and activities around the BSU community

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What qualities make a good Green Ambassador?

  • Friendly, engaging and responsive
  • Organized and proactive
  • Passionate about preserving our natural environment
  • Leadership
  • Easily accessible through email, phone, person-to-person contact, or social media tools

What are some of the things Green Ambassadors do?

  • Assist with set up and promotion of events and other activities as needed
  • Serve as promoters on social media and/or participate in video/social media campaigns for the campus
  • Campus or local clean ups and planting events
  • Help make decisions on sustainable purchases for students on campus
  • Speak to other campus groups and committees about our goals and activities

What responsibilities would I have as a Green Ambassador?

  • Attend once-a-month meetings
  • Be available for most sustainability related activities and projects on campus
  • Be informed about climate change, sustainability and familiar with the BSU Climate Action Plan
  • Lead, host, or participate in panels, conferences, symposiums or events
  • Serve as the face of Bowie State to outside groups that collaborate with C4 or BSU Sustainability programs

What are the perks & benefits?

  • Excellent resume builder
  • Development of vital leadership and business skills such as presenting and networking
  • Help make decisions on behalf of your fellow students on campus-wide sustainability projects
  • Community service credit hours (discretionary)
  • Possible travel opportunities
  • Occasional free giveaways
  • Opportunity to represent BSU on different platforms on and off campus

Become a BSU Student Green Ambassador!

  1. Click to download and save the fillable application form (pdf)
  2. Complete and sign the application form
  3. Send the completed application to Jabari Walker via email or hard copy