Academic Department Internship

Academic Department Internship Courses

Internship courses are also offered by some Academic Departments; and, their internship courses may be a requirement for graduation. The eligibility requirements, course management, course assignments and required intern work hours will differ from the Career Development Center’s internship course. Therefore, students should review internship course requirements and meet with their faculty advisor and/or Department Chair to discuss the specifics of their academic department’s internship course.

Academic Department Internship Course Eligibility Requirements

Prior enrollment in these internship courses may require you to meet certain criteria such as completion of prerequisite courses, being granted admission into that particular academic department program or meet specified GPA requirements.

Academic Department Internship Course Management

Academic Department internship courses are managed by different academic departments. Those internship courses are offered for students majoring in the academic disciplines within that specified academic department. A faculty member within that academic department is designated as the course instructor.

Academic Department Internship Course Documents, Assignments and Grades

An Academic Department will have different documentation for students to complete and submit to their internship course instructor. Course assignments will also differ for each of these academic internship courses. In addition to reviewing course assignments, employer evaluations will also be reviewed. The course instructor will input Mid and Final course grades wherein students may receive a letter grade as opposed to a Pass or Fail grade.

Academic Department Internship Work Hours

Students enrolled in an Academic Department Internship Course may be required to complete more than 100 work hours. Your academic department will be able to inform you of the required number of intern work hours you must complete for their internship course.