Job Search Skills

Interested in finding a job? You've come to the right place! Whether you're looking for a part-time job while in school, or seeking your ideal career after graduation, we are here to assist. The Career Development Center can help you navigate your way through the job search process. Use the links below to review resources to help you create job search documents like resumes, cover letters and portfolios, prepare for interviews and job fairs, learn about salaries and job outlook statistics, and research employers.


Resumes and Cover Letters

Use these links to help you prepare a professional resume and create professional cover letters.

Researching Employers

Use these links to become informed about employers before you contact them or attend an interview.

Conducting a Job Search

These links will provide you with helpful hints, tips, and advice for conducting a job search.

Job Fair Tips

These links will help you prepare for job fairs.

Appropriate Attire

These links will provide tips and advice on appropriate attire for interviews, job fairs and other business related meetings.


These links will provide you with helpful tips and advice for networking.

Job Outlook Statistics and Salary Information

Use these links to research labor market statistics, investigate salary information and learn how to negotiate salary offers.