Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Research

At Bowie State University, our professors and students are at the forefront of AI research, exploring cutting-edge advancements in natural language processing, computer vision, ethics, healthcare applications, education technologies, and robotics. With a focus on ethical development and societal impact, our work aims to advance technology while addressing critical challenges in fields ranging from education to robotics.


Research Professors

Bo Yang                           Dr. Bo Yang
No Picture                    Dr. Avijoy Chakma
Dr. Darsana Josyula                    Dr. Darsana Josyula
Dr. Manohar Mareboyana              Dr. Manohar Mareboyana
No Photo               Dr. Kamruzzaman Sarker
Vivek Shandilya                   Dr. Vivek Shandilya

No Photo

           Dr. Sreenivasan Ramasamy