Department of Computer Science


Students Working in the Lab

Graduate Students

  • James Stigall (Doctoral Candidate)
  • Lamar Taylor (Doctoral Candidate)
  • Sri Teja Bodempudi (Doctoral Student)
  • Suraj Chilaka (Doctoral Student)
  • Manik Arolla (Doctoral Student)
  • Veronica Boateng (Doctoral Student)
  • Swetha Sree (Doctoral Student)
  • Hubert Boateng (Doctoral Student)
  • Diliorah Arah (Masters Student)
  • Nada Chaoui, (Masters Student)
  • Shreya Shah (Masters Student)
  • Theodore Walker (Masters Student)
  • Phoenix Young, (Masters Student)
  • Yordanos Bezabeh (Masters Student)
  • Michael Boyer (Masters Student)

Undergraduate students