Department of Fine and Performing Arts

About the Exhibition

Unbound: Fall 2020 Senior Thesis Exhibition

Imaginary worlds, self-advocacy, entertainment, pop culture, character building, and responses to social and racial injustices are themes that are explored in the fall 2020 senior thesis exhibition. This virtual exhibition is a presentation of thesis projects expressed through film, animation, advertising design, fashion, and photography. Students from five concentrations in the Visual Communication and Digital Media Arts (VCDMA) and Studio Art program areas in the Department of Fine and Performing Arts (DFPA) present the culmination of their intellectual, creative, and personal growth at Bowie State University in this exhibition.

We, the faculty and staff, wish the graduating class well as they embark on the next journey of their lives. It is difficult to predict what is next, but they are ready and equipped to meet the challenge of the unknown.

Janell B. Pryor
Assistant Professor of Visual Culture
BSU Gallery of Fine Art Coordinator