Enhanced and Existing Safety at Bowie State

The University President has released a message concerning enhanced and existing safety measures on campus.

Ahmed McLendon

Conflict of Three Words

Thesis Statement

For my senior thesis exhibition I wanted to showcase how we as human beings can sometimes be forced to make drastic decisions, while also showing how we can also be betrayed by the people closest to us. Which is showcased through my senior thesis film “Conflict of Three Words”. The story is about a man who loses his mother at an early age, only to learn the very people responsible were the ones closest to him.

  • Within my artwork and profession as a filmmaker/editor, I create films to express unique narratives. I do this by combining music and footage to create an entirely new experience. What inspires me to create a film is that I want to immerse people in different realities. At times, I seek to give a sense of fulfillment to my audience, and other times I seek to invoke morality. Regardless of the narratives that are portrayed, I create my artwork with the intention of someone being changed by my work. In addition to editing, I also intend to capture and document the history of society and the culture of people for future generations to look back upon.

Conflict of Three Words from DFPA | Bowie State University on Vimeo.