Department of Fine and Performing Arts

Jaimese Johnson

FLAVAS from DFPA | Bowie State University on Vimeo.


Thesis Statement

This short film is about a people-pleaser who questions the true meaning of beauty after his best friends disapprove of his dream girl. Dajour Adams and his friends, Imani, Roland and Malachi go for ice cream at their local ice cream parlor. While passing a group of women, Dajour catches the eye of a beautiful dark toned woman. After noticing his interest in her, his friends taunt her, disheartening him in the process. Dajour reminisces on a time he shared with his darker toned mother, trying to compare her to kara. Imani sees his stress and begins to cheer him up. She reassures him that she’s beautiful and encourages him to talk to her. With conflicting views, Dajour finds himself choosing between what he believes and what he’s told. Flavas is a love story that dismantles shadeism and the negative stigmas attached to melanated skin.

  • If the truth hurts, I’m about to cause a lot of pain. Not physically, but psychologically. Through my films, I want my audience to explore the raw experience of black culture. Black culture is the heartbeat of this world, without us, there will be nothing of substance. Did I offend you? I told you that the truth hurts. Like trauma, my films will leave images in your head and words on your heart that you will never forget. The genres that excite me most are drama, thriller and Afrofuturism. Throughout history, Black people have been forced to believe they didn’t belong. Were made fun of for their large lips and wide hips. I find it hilarious that the same people who downplay our looks, pay thousands to look like us. I think it’s time to take our culture back and tell it from our viewpoint. I’m here to set the record straight because somebody lied. There is a place where we can unify, love one another and build together. There is a place for Black people in the future and I will reveal that through my artwork.