Department of Fine and Performing Arts

Kyle Everett Reynolds

Black Excellence

Thesis Statement

For the Visual Communication Digital Media Arts (VCDMA) Senior Show ten legendary icons were chosen by me as examples of Black Excellence and are showcased by presenting them in a creative way in their defining moment in life. Black Excellence is beautiful and powerful and can be captured and expressed in many ways.  It can be shown by identifying people who have broken barriers, fulfilled their dreams and achieved success. The road to success was not always an easy task for them They are Superheroes and through their plight in life and their accomplishments, they have inspired others to diligently pursue their dreams. These Superheroes or icons of Black Excellence include Harriet Tubman, Lebron James, Michael Jackson, and others. They come from all walks of life. The expectation for Black Excellence is to pay homage to each icon in a digitalized portrait encased by a stained-glass background offset with vivid colors.

  • Chasing after my dreams, I was steadily struggling to keep my faith, and not lose momentum in meeting my goals, because the road to success appeared to be often distant, but I was rejuvenated by focusing on Black Excellence. The essence of Black Excellence is so beautiful and powerful that thinking about it makes me feel empowered. Throughout my life I have been inspired by many Black icons that have broken barriers to achieve their dreams. It would be good to focus on Black Excellence. I thought of men and women who have inspired me and others that I wanted to pay tribute to in a creative and cultural manner.  I had an epiphany of my Superheroes shown in their defining moments in life. I envisioned them digitalized with a stained-glass background surrounded by vivid colors.  Adobe Illustrator facilitated this vision of mine.  So, for my 2021 senior show I am paying tribute to ten icons who are from different walks of life. For example, Michael Jackson is one whom I included because I imitated him as a child and was fascinated by his talents and dedication to his craft. I would like to give thanks to God for answering my prayers and helping me stay focused.  I must give myself a pat on the back. Thanks to my family for their support and my professors who have provided me with guidance in this effort.