Department of Fine and Performing Arts

Olusegun Musitafa

Broken Sword

Thesis Statement

Broken Sword is a short story that centers around a warrior that is struggling to adjust to a normal life after being both physically and mentally scarred after partaking in a war. This story tries to shine a light on how people that go through traumatic, life-threatening events, such as soldiers in wars, come back physically fine, but their mental and emotional state has changed and can be hard to fix.

  • As an animator, it is my duty and privilege to bring forth characters to life. When reading and (or) hearing the stories of characters in worlds of fiction or non-fiction, as humans, we will likely awe in both excitement and jealousy. I strive to bring to life characters that can be seen as people we can see in the real world, as well as, allow people to enjoy the woes of life through escape into worlds unlike their own.

Broken Sword Animation by Olusegun Musitafa from DFPA | Bowie State University on Vimeo.