Department of Fine and Performing Arts

Maleik Lewis


Thesis Statement

“Dusk” is a 5 minute psychological short horror film about isolation. In today's current climate, many people are struggling alone with no way to voice their issues. This character study film aims to be that voice for people who may be suffering. I wanted to create something that can hopefully relate with someone who has dealt with somebody like the main character in my film.

  • Mental health is an issue for many people in society, but it’s common for the subject to be taboo. There is a stigma connected to it, somewhat due to the lack of communication regarding what mental illness is.Stigma often comes from a lack of understanding or fear. My work is a character study based on an individual with a mental illness that challenges the conventional architecture of storytelling. I created this work to bring more awareness to this common social issue.

DUSK by Maleik Lewis from DFPA | Bowie State University on Vimeo.