Department of Fine and Performing Arts

Vinceaun Minto

T1ll the enD of time

Thesis Statement

Imagine this; you are told: “from this day forward, you will be living with an incurable disease for the rest of your life.” Now imagine being told that at the age of seven. This was my reality, at such an early age which left me devastated and distraught. Want to know what’s worse? Being one of few, oftentimes, the only one in every room with the disease. My studies and life experiences have enabled me to build a senior show focused on Type 1 Diabetes in African American males and how it affects them mentally, physically, and emotionally. Only 5-10 percent of people diagnosed with Diabetes have “type one.” Despite all of my years having type 1 diabetes, I am only able to count on one hand when in regards to the number of other type 1 diabetics I have encountered. The type one community is still here, however, we are overshadowed by the more common “type 2” community which has constant awareness videos on television and ads on the radio. Because of this, it often feels as though the type one community has been blocked out by the world or forgotten. For all intents and purposes, the title of my show is: “T1ll the enD of time” to engage all of my fellow type 1 diabetics and to give a voice to those who feel voiceless. Dealing with this disease does more damage and creates more dark days than anyone outside of the community can imagine. With the disease, you also live with the possibilities of: blindness, kidney damage, heart failure, amputation, depression, and in the long run death just to name a few, which my show elaborates on. Nonetheless, my show and I are here to shine a little light on the darkness by bringing more awareness to the disease and the people whose lives it touches. My philosophy is simple, by informing the audience and viewers like yourself, we can create more exposure for type 1 diabetes and help many people. The next time you are out, look to your left, then look to your right, of all the people you see, there will be at least one type 1 diabetic somewhere in the crowd who is enduring the mental, physical, and emotional toll of the disease. My show serves to create a space where type 1 diabetics can feel comfortable within their vulnerability while simultaneously educating non-type 1 diabetics. Thus, creating a room of empathy and knowledge which can be continuously spread.

  • Art has always been an essential part of my life for as long as I can remember. As a young boy, it served as a source of excitement when feeling trapped or isolated in home. It felt natural for me to be able to turn ideas into visual depictions. This same second nature feeling has stuck with me throughout all my years leading into adult life. The only difference now is that I create to spread awareness and messages across many communities. When creating, I am at my happiest. Art is the silent enabler that has allowed me to say more than I ever could verbally. The art I produce is a reflection of the realities I see in front of me and surrounding me everyday. Unimaginable physical, spiritual, and emotional pain and agony because of scenarios and situations out of one’s control. What started out just as drawing led into me painting, which eventually led into my photography career. My primary styles of art have always been a mix between realism and expressionism. Because of this, I learned quickly that these three mediums: drawing, painting, and photography were the best ways in which I could display said “primary styles.” Behind every one of my creations, there are hidden messages that serve to help or bring awareness to specific political or social topics. My art is not only for entertainment purposes, it aims to be informative as well. I aim to open the eyes of many and help many communities across the globe.