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 Department of Fine and Performing Arts

Jordan King

Everything Happens for a Reason

Thesis Statement

jordan kingThe day after losing his father to colon cancer, Joshua tries to go to school. Everything seems familiar but distorted. He wants to just go through the motions but he has too much on his mind. In a terrible attempt to console him, his religion teacher tells him “Everything happens for a reason.

  • My name is Jordan King, and I am pursuing a B.S. Degree in Visual Communication & Digital Media Arts with a concentration in Animation and Motion Graphics.

    ‘Everything Happens for A Reason’ is a senior thesis animation that’s based on real event in my life. My biggest inspiration was a show on Netflix titled BoJack Horseman. It’s a show that deals with serious subject matters such as addiction, depression, suicide, and abuse. I was drawn to the show because of how real it felt even though most of the characters were talking animals. Most cartoons are lighthearted comedies, but this show wasn’t afraid of exploring the darker sides of showbiz.  In my animation I also wanted to use the medium to tell a tragic story. Not all stories have a happy ending.

Everything Happens For A Reason by Jordan King from DFPA | Bowie State University on Vimeo.