Fine Arts Major

Art (Studio) Concentration

The Art (Studio) Concentration is designed to acquaint students with the basic disciplines within the visual arts, to offer formal instruction in traditional media and studio techniques, and to stimulate the development of talent and creativity through aesthetic enrichment, individual interpretation, and experimentation. The program is also designed to give the student a sound background for further study in graduate school and professional art school in the studio arts.

This program leads to the Bachelor of Arts degree in fine arts with a concentration in art. Additionally, students from other departments may seek to minor in fine arts (art) and should develop a track scheme with a faculty advisor in art. The minimum number of semester hours required for the bachelor's degree is 120. Students who choose to concentrate in a particular area must consult with a faculty advisor to design a specific program.

Admission Requirements

The student must officially declare fine arts as a major with a concentration in art by entering it on his/her initial application for admission or by submitting the Declaration of Major form. Fine arts majors must earn at least a grade of "C" in courses taken in the major or the course must be repeated. Fine arts majors who show evidence of a fundamental weakness in an area of study may be required by the department chair to take additional study work in the deficit area. All students applying for admission are required to demonstrate their skills via a portfolio that highlights ten (or more) examples of professional artwork: illustration, ceramics, drawing, sculpture, photography, and painting. This should be submitted via a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM, or through slides. Work should be labeled with title, brief description, medium, and dimensions.

Students must also take the necessary prerequisites, carefully read course descriptions, and meet with their academic advisor BEFORE registering for any class. The academic advisor must approve all courses before registration.

General Requirements

Students concentrating in art must earn at least a grade of "C" in courses taken in the major. Otherwise, the course must be repeated. Students who show evidence of fundamental weakness in an area of study may be required by the department chair to take additional course work in that area.

Art students are required to keep a comprehensive portfolio of their work for periodic inspection and to participate in all student art exhibitions and faculty reviews in order to:

  1. proceed to the junior level
  2. meet the requirements for their senior thesis and graduation.

These reviews and the successful completion of Art 498 Senior Thesis are requirements for graduation. Students are also required to complete an internship or apprenticeship in their respective career field by taking Art 491 Internship in Art & Visual Communication prior to graduation.

Transfer Students

Transfer students are required to present a comprehensive portfolio of their work prior to acceptance in the department; meet with the academic advisor, and complete a transfer credit evaluation. Contact the DFPA's office or the registrar's office for more information.


A minor in art requires completion of 18 studio hours and three semester hours in art history. A total of 21 credit hours is required. Students seeking to minor must meet with a faculty advisor to design a program based on the students' needs and program requirements. See academic advisor for list of approved courses.

Special Requirements

Students pursuing the BA in fine arts must take 12 semester hours of a foreign language. Students are also required to maintain a professional portfolio and have regularly scheduled portfolio reviews with faculty. A final exhibition and/or portfolio review is required to graduate. Students must also successfully pass the English Proficiency Exam. It is recommended that the exam be taken after successful completion of English 101 and 102 and before the end of the junior year.