Theatre Arts Major

Program Requirements

To earn a Bachelor of Science in theater arts, students must meet the following requirements:

  1. Earn a minimum grade of “C” in courses taken in theater and dance; otherwise, courses in question must be repeated.
  2. Develop a comprehensive portfolio, which will be evaluated at the end of 60 credits and again in the senior capstone seminar. You must pass the portfolio review to graduate.
  3. Fulfill all performance and crew assignments each semester, except where specific exemptions have been approved in advance (i.e., poor grades, lengthy illnesses and emergencies).
  4. Accrue a minimum of 420 hours (52.5 hours per 15 week semester) in performance and technical crew work.
  5. Participate in at least three off-campus and four on-campus auditions each year (winter and summer included).
  6. Annually attend departmental and outside events in the areas of visual art, music and dance. Evidence of such attendance and/or participation will be required in the portfolio.
  7. Take additional course or laboratory work in any area of study or competency where fundamental weaknesses may be found.