Theatre Arts Major

Desiree Koontz-Nachtrieb

Desiree Koontz-Nachtrieb, MFA

Adjunct Professor
Areas of Specialization - Dance and Movement Studies


Desiree Koontz-Nachtrieb possesses Bachelors of Art in History and Dance, as well as, an MFA, in Dance with a concentration in Choreography. She has been teaching dance for over twenty years and is excited to start her 5th year of teaching a wide range of both lecture and lab-based courses at Bowie State University.  Additionally, she is a Senior Adjunct Professor in the Dance Department at Howard Community College and is starting her 9th year at that institution.  Koontz-Nachtrieb has consistently worked as a performer, choreographer and educator in her field and has professionally performed and choreographed both classical and contemporary ballet, as well as post-modern dance, throughout the continental USA, as well as, overseas. Koontz-Nachtrieb embraces students preparing for a career as a professional dancer as well as the casual dancer interested in the exploration of movement theory and history of the art form and believes that dance is a powerful conduit for human expression, and that through teaching and studying dance we can develop and foster a connection deeper than our daily existence.