College of Business

Delta Mu Delta BSU Chapter


Spring 2007 Undergraduate Inductees

  • Kevin Blackburn, Jr.
  • Phylicia E. Bowie
  • Carolyn J. Clark
  • Deborah DeFlorimonte
  • Stacey Harris
  • Earl H. Kepler
  • Donna-Lee Baker
  • Jermaine Rawlings
  • Ariel Sewell
  • Keonte' Smith
  • Tavis Snell
  • Roman Stewart
  • Monica R. Williams

Fall 2006 Undergraduate Inductees

  • Adrienne Thomas
  • Christian H. Cho
  • Francis Conlon
  • Ifechide Monyei
  • Phillip C. Huiswoud
  • Rodney Russell
  • Roman Stewart
  • Francis Conlon

Graduate Inductees

  • Dewayne C. Johnson
  • Tremayne M. Perry
  • Tiffany B. Hamlin
  • McAnthony L. Hegwood
  • Olatunji M. Uthman
  • Oluwayomi Linda Idowe

Officers and Faculty Advisors

  • Ms. Carolyn Clark, undergraduate chapter president
  • Ms. Monica Williams, vice president
  • Ms. Deborah DeFlorimonte
  • Mr. Phillip Huiswoud, treasurer
  • Ms. Alicia Norris, undergraduate secretary
  • Ms. Foluwayomi Idowu, graduate chapter president
  • Prof. Fiseha Eshete, undergraduate faculty advisor
  • Dr. Justine Harris, graduate faculty advisor


Academic Achievement Scholarship Awards

Knowing the important role of the intellectual in all matters pertaining to the advancement of mankind, Delta Mu Delta encourages outstanding academic achievement in all areas of business administration through its scholarship programs. In keeping with this principle, and to increase awareness of the importance of the intellectual, the Gamma Kappa Chapter #82 of Bowie State University awards scholarships.

Delta Mu Delta Eligibility Requirements

  1. Applicants must be enrolled as a full-time or part-time student in the Department of Business Public Administration and Economics at Bowie State University.
  2. Applicants must have achieved superior academic performance in the School of Professional Studies, and have a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or above.

Application Procedure

Applicants must submit a two- to three-page essay entitled "What the School of Business can do to Promote Excellence Using Organizations such as Delta Mu Delta." The essay must be typed and double-spaced.

A panel of Delta Mu Delta officers and members will review the applicants' essays. The names of the candidates selected for induction will be posted on the Delta Mu Delta website and the Delta Mu Delta notice board.

The lifetime membership fee of $55.00 should be paid to Delta Mu Delta.

All deadlines will be posted on Delta Mu Delta's notice board in the College of Business on the 3rd Floor.

Please hand-deliver or email ( all essays and membership fees to Professor Eshete in room 3345.



  • Promote higher scholarship in training for business
  • Recognize and reward scholastic attainment in business subject


  • Founded national organization—1913
  • Incorporated—1952
  • Admitted to membership in association of college honor societies (ACHS)—1963
  • Gamma Kappa chapter at Bowie State University chartered—December 1977


  • Junior, senior or graduate student
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.2 or higher
  • Of the 300,000 business majors graduating each year, 5,000 are elected to membership in Delta Mu Delta


  • Networking
  • Resume enhancement
  • Scholarship
  • Academic recognition at graduation
  • Enhances admission to graduate and professional school