Business Information Systems

What You'll Learn

Our program is not just about learning the interplay between business and technology. It’s also designed to optimize your verbal and written communication as well as critical thinking skills. Business Information Systems (BUIS) majors study information systems (which are comprised of data/information/knowledge, information technology, People, and Procedures/Policies/Laws) and their use in businesses, industries, governments and society. They need to understand both technology and business, and then become information systems professionals. MIS and BUIS majors learn the following:

  1. They learn about information system principles and theories, methods, approaches, techniques and tools as well as their applications in businesses, industries, governments and society.
  2. They learn about requirements engineering, data, information and knowledge modeling, business processes and workflow modeling, information systems design, development and implementation.
  3. They learn business core competencies.
    1. set technical goals, objectives and make detailed plans for the accomplishment of these objectives in the support of business goals.
    2. plan, coordinate, and direct the computer information system related activities of businesses.
  4. They learn project management principles and applications.
  5. They learn about computer hardware, software, databases, networks (Internet, intranets, web), security, and more. They learn about the applications of these technologies in businesses.
  6. They learn about advanced and emerging information technologies such as Cognitive Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud computing, Block Chain, IoT, and more. They learn about the applications of these technologies to create new opportunities or bring improvement for existing business processes.
  7. They learn how to help businesses use information technology. They are the essential link between technology and businesses.
  8. They learn how to create new business and innovative solutions using advanced and emerging information technologies, i.e. information technology entrepreneurship and innovation.
  9. They learn about global, ethical and social issues related to information systems and their applications.

The BUIS Program Learning Goals

The goals of the BUIS program are to nurture and develop students academically and professionally and produce information system professionals who: 

  • Able to prepare requirement specifications - cable of critically analyzing business processes, identify inefficiencies and problems, and assess data, information and knowledge requirements.
  • Able to prepare design solutions - create business solutions and technical specifications for supporting business operations.
  • Able to design and develop data and analytics applications using the latest database and analytics technologies to address business problems.
  • Able to provide expertise in the applications of latest telecommunication technologies.
  • Are knowledgeable on existing and emerging information technologies and their impact on the IS and business functions.
  • Have managerial and technical knowledge and skills to manage IS projects and organizations.
  • Understand Ethical Standards for Information Systems Professionals and commitment to follow the ethical codes of conduct.

BUIS Program Student Learning Outcomes/Objectives (SLOs)