Department of Counseling

Student Organizations

 African Psychology Student Association (APSA)

The goals of the APSA are to (a) promote and advance the profession of African-centered Counseling and Psychology; (b) organize and influence social justice and change in the African descent/ Black community; and (c) develop African-centered skills in counseling to affect psychological liberations in the African descent/ Black community.

The mission of APSA is to prepare students in addressing issues germane to people of African descent/ Black community. Members will become familiar with theories and practices rooted in African culture, philosophy and thought.

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Otis Williams III and Dr. Mark A. Bolden

 BSU School Counseling Association (BSU-MSCA)

The BSU-MSCA creates a network of support for school counseling students attending Bowie State University by providing professional and leadership development, outreach, and advocacy.

The mission of BSU-MSCA is to promote excellence in the profession of school counseling and to foster the full potential of all students regarding academic, career and social emotional growth.

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Cynthia Taylor and Dr. Marja Humphrey

 Chi Sigma Iota (CSI)

To recognize and promote excellence in the profession of counseling.

Chi Sigma Iota aims to recognize outstanding academic achievement as well as outstanding service within the counseling profession among students, educators, practitioners, and administrators in various counseling settings.

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Kimberly Mills, Dr. Marja Humphrey, and Dr. Jake Johnson

 Student Adlerian Society (SAS)

SAS is a graduate student organization designed to promote academic and professional development within the BSU community. SAS provides educational and networking workshops for all students and professionals.

The mission for SAS is to incorporate the tenets of Adler’s theory, work, love, spirituality, friendship, family and self into our events and meetings.

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Cubie Bragg and Dr. Masica Jordan-Alston