COVID-19 Updates

BSU is open. Non-essential employees are mostly teleworking, and classes are taking place remotely for the Winter Session.

Programs of Study


The Doctorate of Educational Leadership consists of a 60-semester-hour program. Candidates are required to complete the following courses:

Educational Leadership Core - 24 semester hours

EDAD 830 - Educational Government and Political Studies

EDAD 845 - Managing Financial Resources in Urban Education

EDAD 825 - Advanced School Law

EDAD 820 - Human Resource Development and Administration

EDAD 801 - Philosophy and Historical Foundations of Urban Education

EDAD 840 - Leadership and Technology in Global Information Age

EDAD 850 - Interdisciplinary Seminar

EDAD 815 - Educational Planning and Evaluation


Research Core - Core 9 credit hours

EDAD 835 - Research Designs and Methods

EDAD 810 - Descriptive and Inferential Statistics in Education

EDAD 900 - Applied Research Seminar

Externship, Clinical Study - 6 credit hours

EDAD 920 - Advanced Externship in Educational Leadership I

EDAD 925 - Advanced Externship in Educational Leadership II


Dissertation Credits - 9 credit hours

Dissertation Research Seminar Proposal

Dissertation Advisement



Minor/Elective Area - 12 credit hours

Total minimum credits - 60 credit hours