Department of Educational Studies & Leadership

Applicants to the Master of Education in School Administration and Supervision must meet the general admission requirements established by the Office of Graduate Admissions. Additionally, applications must include a resume of professional experiences and proof of the following: 

  1. A bachelor's degree that includes appropriate education pedagogy
  2. Certification at the appropriate grade level (K-12) 
  3. Three years of successful teaching experience 
  4. A letter of recommendation from the applicant's present supervisor 
  5. A grade point average of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale 

Program Goals and Objectives

  1. Broad knowledge of school curriculum
  2. Skill sets essential to guiding classroom instructional practices and procedures
  3. Administrative and supervisory knowledge and skills 
  4. Knowledge and skills related to group dynamics 
  5. Knowledge and skills related to school community relations 
  6. Knowledge of school law 
  7. Increased comprehension of the foundations of education 
  8. An interdisciplinary conceptualization of the role of the school and the society it serves 
  9. Skills in research techniques in the interpretation and evaluation of research developments related to school administration and supervision, as well as educational leadership

Required and Elective Courses

Core Requirements: 18 Credits 

ESAS 704 - School and Community Relations  

ESAS 706 - Introduction to Research  

ESAS 722 - School Administration 

ESAS 724 - Public School Finance 

ESAS 727 - School Law 

ESAS 731 - School Curriculum Development 

ESAS 757 - School Supervision 

ESAS 825 - Seminar I in School Administration & Supervision * 

ESAS 828 - Seminar II in School Administration & Supervision * 

 ESAS 855 - Practicum I for Administration & Supervision * 

 ESAS 858 - Practicum II for Administration & Supervision *

Elective Courses (4 courses from this list)

ESAS 713 - Curriculum Change and Instructional Methods (Required)

ESAS 720 - Problems and Techniques in Contemporary Education Management 

PSYC 739 - Dynamics of Group Behavior (Required)

SPED 511 - Special Education Perspectives (Required)

EDUC 501 - Teaching and Learning 

EDUC 505 - Recent Issues in Education 

EDUC 539 - Curriculum Materials and Appraisal 

EDUC - 544 Principles and Techniques of Reading Instruction 

Total: 41 credits 

* Culminating courses: The student must have completed all coursework and satisfactorily passed the Comprehensive Examination before admission to these courses. ESAS 825/828 Seminar I & II has four main goals: (1) to assist the student in completing the seminar paper requirement; (2) to review major topics in the area of concentration; (3) to achieve an in-depth exploration of major issues and trends in the area of educational leadership, administration, and supervision; and (4) to identify related problems and engage in action research. 


The student normally takes School Administration and School Supervision as basic courses. followed by School Law, School and Community Relations, the Curriculum courses, School Finance, and Introduction to Research. Upon completion of 24 credit hours, excluding Seminars I and II in School Administration and Supervision and Practicum I and II for Administration and Supervision, and Advancement to Candidacy, the student will be eligible to sit for the  Comprehensive Examination.  Upon successful completion of the Comprehensive Examination, students are eligible to register for the concluding seminar and practicum courses.