Student Teaching


Year Long Internship (Phase I & Phase II)

All Bowie State University early childhood/special education, elementary education, and secondary education majors must complete a one-year internship in a professional development school (PDS) setting.

A PDS is a school that has entered into a collaborative partnership with the Bowie State University College of Education to provide quality academic experiences and clinical training for teacher candidates and meaningful professional development experiences for practicing teachers.

The two-semester year-long internship consists of one semester of methods courses (Phase I) and one semester of student teaching (Phase II).

  • In Phase I of the year-long internship, interns are enrolled in methods courses and complete a field experience which requires spending two full days a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays for a minimum of 12 weeks (24 days) at the PDS site.
  • In Phase II, interns typically return to the same school where they completed Phase I field experience. Interns in Phase II of the year-long internship complete the field experience every day for 16 weeks.

ALL Prospective year-long interns must:

  • have been admitted to the Teacher Education Program.
  • make application for the year-long internship the semester prior to the beginning of the Phase I of the year-long internship.
  • have passed PRAXIS I before enrolling in methods courses and Phase I of the year-long experience.
  • MAT Candidates must:
    • have advanced to candidacy;
    • have passed the interview for admission to teacher education;
    • make application for the year-long internship after passing the teacher education interview; and
    • participate in the internship orientation.

All Masters of Arts in Teaching Candidates seeking certification by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) must complete a year-long internship.  If the candidate is currently a full time teacher, the school must be accredited by the regional accreditation association.  Then, the intern can take place at the school as long ans the area of teaching coincides with the approved are of certification approved by the MSDE and the Bowie State University requirements of the MAT program.  If the candidate is not currently teaching, the internship phases will take place at a Bowie State University PDS location.

(Link to the Teacher Education Interview - Application Packet)

YEAR-LONG INTERNS - Important Details

  • Phase I interns must have a Criminal History Disclosure Form on file in the Office of Field Experience.
  • Phase I Interns must be fingerprinted, if required by the system in which they are placed, before being placed at a PDS site.
  • Year-long interns enrolled in the fall semester of Phase I and Phase II of the year-long internship must report to the PDS site when schools open for teachers in August.
  • Phase II year-long interns enrolled in the spring semester must report to the PDS site, or full-time teaching site (MAT Candidates), when schools open after the winter break.
  • MAT Candidates not at the PDS site must be currently teaching as defined above and ready to be supervised by the Institution of Higher Education Supervisors.
  • Phase II year-long interns must pass the appropriate PRAXIS Content Exams (PRAXIS II) to graduate.
  • All year-long interns must complete a minimum of 100 days of field experience over two semesters.