The Black Male Educator Pedagogy Professional Learning Series

The Black Male Educator Pedagogy Professional Learning Series

The Center for Research and Mentoring of Black Male Students and Teachers (CRM-BMST) at Bowie State University presents a Professional Learning Series: Black Male Educator Pedagogy. The learning series is committed to the pedagogical development of Black male teacher candidates and educators.

Black Male Educator Pedagogy Certificate - Level 1

 July 25-29, 2022 | 6-8 p.m.

The level 1 Black male educator pedagogy certificate provides an introduction to five pedagogical approaches: 1) Afrocentricity, 2) culturally relevant/responsive pedagogy, 3) humanizing, 4) social justice and 5) hip-hop.

Upon completion of the entire professional learning series, Black male teacher candidates and educators will possess an introductory knowledge and understanding of Afrocentricity, culturally relevant/responsive, humanizing, social justice and hip-hop pedagogies. The participants will receive a letter and certificate for completing the level 1 Black male educator pedagogy.

BSU undergraduate teacher candidates may attend free of charge




    Dr. Kmt Shockley - Professor, University of Houston

    Afrocentricity is the first pedagogical approach, and Dr. Kmt Shockely, one of the leading internationally recognized scholars on African-centered education, will lead the professional learning.


    Dr. Nathaniel Bryan - Assistant Professor, Miami University

    The second pedagogical learning opportunity will focus on culturally relevant/responsive pedagogy in education. Dr. Nathaniel Bryan is one of the leading scholars on Black male educators' use of culturally grounded pedagogical approaches.


    Dr. Keisha Allen - Assistant Professor, University of Maryland Baltimore County

    Nationally recognized scholar and professional developer Dr. Keisha Allen will lead professional learning focused on humanizing pedagogy.

    Dr. Cherrel Miller Dyce - Associate Professor, Elon University

    Dr. Cherrel Miller Dyce is a nationally esteemed professional developer and scholar with an international reputation for developing educators' social justice pedagogical approach.


    Mr. Kenneth M. Smith - National Board Certified Teacher, Montgomery County Public Schools

    The last professional learning session will focus on hip-hop pedagogy and be led by national board-certified educator Mr. Kenneth M. Smith. Mr. Smith will draw on his experiences developing a hip-hop education program for high school students and his pedagogical practices to support teaching and learning.