Department of Nursing


Bryan Sy

Before being a peer-to-peer tutor in the NSSC (Nursing Student Success Center) at Bowie State University, I was that reserved student who had little to no confidence in partaking in any social interactions, leadership roles, and self-confidence. I just wanted to pretty much just go through the nursing program and get on with my life. Although after serving as a peer-to-peer tutor for a year, I realized the tutoring program has helped and improved me in so many ways with retaining core nursing knowledge, significantly improving my confidence to take a leadership role, and network with my fellow nursing peers. Lasty, I just want to address that I am very grateful for being able to partake in this wonderful program because it has helped me in many ways that I never thought it would.


George Provido

The experience of nursing school and the coronavirus has impacted the familiarity of my whole nursing school experience. We started with all online classes in Fall 2020 and so on. I only saw my classmates on my computer screen! I did not feel any sort of solidarity with my classmates because of this. Not until recently when school started easing restrictions. When I started to tutor, it made me have connections with other nursing students that are not in my cohort. In other words, it made me come out of my shell in a way because I’m usually reserved. Helping other nursing students has greatly impacted my motivation because it not only teaches them, but also improves my current understanding. I usually just hang around with people in my cohort, but since I started tutoring, I am comfortable greeting other students that I tutored when I walk around the building! Tutoring has greatly improved my nursing school experience due to enabling me to form connections with people that are walking on my path.  Thank you to the Title III community, Dr. Hill and Ms. Morgan for allowing me this great opportunity to expand my horizon. 


Eliza A. Buan

Before tutoring and becoming a peer-to-peer tutor, I was more of a shy, quiet, and an introverted person who would attend class and leave immediately afterward. I paid attention to only myself and my success throughout my college years. Once I got the opportunity to be part of the Nursing Student Success Center (NSSC) as a peer-to-peer tutor, I was hesitant, unsure, and questioned if I was fit for the role. A year later, perspectives have changed, and I see a significant impact and growth in myself through my peer-to-peer tutoring and receiving tutoring from my peer-to-peer colleagues and SI Leaders. Some examples can include gaining more confidence in answering and asking questions in both the classroom and the NSSC tutoring sessions, to attending more office hours when I am uneasy about content. Additionally, working alongside other NSSC peer-to-peer tutors to create a strong bonded relationship, operate and seek a different view from an administrative perspective, network, and build relationships among various nursing students to mentor them on the path to success. Overall, I have seen an improvement in my social and communication skills, which is imperative in the nursing field.  I would like to thank Dr. Hill and Ms. Morgan for their support, training and development and mentorship.

Faith Udah

I remember the first time I signed up for tutoring at the Nursing Students Success Center (NSSC) after my first nursing exam. I felt so disappointed after seeing my grade, and overwhelmed by how much information I had to learn. This experience taught me that I needed extra help learning nursing concepts and in taking exams effectively. Thus, I began attending tutoring sessions consistently, and I saw great improvements. Peer-to-peer tutoring sessions provided the opportunity to learn outside the classroom, and talk things through with my tutors without fear of being wrong or embarrassed in front of my colleagues in class. Combined with my personal and group studying, tutoring has played a huge role in my success in the nursing program. As a result, I also became a peer-to-peer tutor this semester to help other nursing students navigate their journey successfully.