Department of Social Work

Phi Alpha Honor Society


Phi Alpha Honor society is intended to maximize cohesiveness among social work students and enhance humanitarian goals and ideals for those who dare to be inspired by scholarship and excellence.All social work students who meet the membership requirements are eligible to become members of Phi Alpha Honor Society. Our meetings are monthly and we look forward to your attendance and participation!

Membership Requirements

  • To be eligible for membership in Phi Alpha Honor Society, students must the following criteria:
  • Declared Social Work as a major
  • Achieved a junior status (77credits)
  • Completed 12 hours of core social work courses (must include SOWK 200, SOWK 201, SOWK 300, & SOWK 301)
  • Achieved an overall GPA of 3.0; and
  • Achieved a 3.25 GPA in required social work courses

Activities for Phi Alpha Honor Society

  • Application (doc) due November 24, 2015 by 12:00pm
  • Induction ceremony April, 2016.