Semester-based Undergraduate Research Institute (SURI)

Fall 2020 Virtual Symposium

The fall 2020 SURI Fellows will present their research during the Virtual Symposium and take questions about their findings on Thursday, Dec. 3 from 3-5 p.m.

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A program of the Education Innovation Initiative (EI2), the Semester-based Undergraduate Research Institute (SURI) enables Bowie State undergraduates to conduct original research or produce a creative work under the guidance of a faculty mentor during the fall, spring or summer terms.

The intensive program guides BSU students through the process of developing research that they can publish in scholarly journals or present at conferences. At the end of the program, participants present their findings at the SURI Research Symposium.

Fall 2020 Fellows & Their Projects

Project Title: Identification of the CYVaV Encapsidation Sequence
SURI Fellow(s): Maame Ackon & Victor Amadu
Mentor(s): Dr. Kari Debbink

Project Title: Intimate Partner Violence on an HBCU Community: The Role of Digital Media
SURI Fellow(s): Amahni Harris, Jennifer Merzier & Maoli Sanchez
Mentor(s): Dr. Emory Perkins, Dr. Birthale Archie, Dr. Tina Jordan & Dr. Sharon Wilks

Project Title: Elucidate Functions of Uncharacterized Proteins from Staphylococcus Aureus
SURI Fellow(s): Johnny Chowoe, Daniel Ogunmiloro & Dainese Smothers
Mentor(s): Dr. Supriyo Ray

Project Title: Building Predictive Model of Student Success
SURI Fellow(s): Johneese Ferguson
Mentor(s): Dr. Katrina Kardiasmenos

Project Title: Security Tools to Combat Challenges with the use of Internet of Things in the Business Environment
SURI Fellow(s): Glory Ezeogu, Devinn Gleaton & Elesha Jackson
Mentor(s): Dr. Haydar Teymourlouei & Dr. Lethia Jackson

Project Title: The Impact of a Global Pandemic on an Institution of Higher Education: What Are Minority Students Saying
SURI Fellow(s): Lucy Bent, Jeanelle Ford & Aaron Jackson
Mentor(s): Dr. Dayo Oyeleye

Project Title: The Effects of Social Media on College Students’ Self-Esteem and Body Image
SURI Fellow(s): Shakira Miles, Sudan Smith & Leia Wedge
Mentor(s): Dr. Uchenna Onuzulike

Project Title: Using Analytics for Discovery of Insight on COVID-19 on Communities of Color
SURI Fellow(s): Xyrra Assuncion & Kirk Williams II
Mentor(s): Dr. Azene Zenebe