Entrepreneurship Innovation Center

HBCU+ Entrepreneurship Conference

Join us at the HBCU+ Entrepreneurship Hybrid Conference in collaboration with National HBCU week, on September 27, 2023. Hosted by Bowie State University, the conference celebrates the “Exponential Power of Collaboration” with the HBCU network of educators, partners and entrepreneurs.

Our featured keynote speakers and presenters have extensive backgrounds in education and entrepreneurship as the foundation for offering innovative ideas about leveraging the power of collaboration and the importance of pooling resources to achieve a common goal to strengthen the impact of unity within the HBCU community

We will discuss racial equity and entrepreneurship, examine instructional and organizational leadership, develop strategies to better connect small businesses to critical resources, and so much more. 

 Collaboration plays a vital role in research, STEAM, programming, teaching, and student innovations. At the HBCU+ Entrepreneurship Hybrid Conference, you will discover how the entrepreneurial ecosystem can become a catalyst to further academic excellence and educational empowerment.