Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeals

Students wishing to appeal the Suspension/Not Meet status must complete and submit the Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal form (pdf) and send supporting documentation to the Office of  Financial Aid indicating what circumstances led to not meeting the SAP requirements. Upon review of the appeal request and all supporting documents the Financial Aid Appeals committee will respond via email regarding the decision.  

Submitted appeals must include the following:

  • Detailed circumstances that affected your academic performance with official supporting documentation.
  • What has changed regarding your circumstances.
  • A plan for meeting SAP at the end of the enrollment period/semester.

Circumstances may include death of an immediate family member (spouse, parents, children, siblings, grandparents and in-laws), unexpected injury or illness of student or other mitigating circumstance. All circumstances must have supporting documentation and relationship to family member must be clearly defined within official documentation (Example- obituary must state relationship to deceased). Academic transcripts will not be accepted as supporting documentation. Appeal request without supporting documentation will be denied.  

Please note that all supporting documentation must include the students’ name, student id and be related to the specific period which the academic performance was affected. It is important that the submitted information be as detailed as possible including how the circumstance affected one’s academic performance. 

The inclusion of the documentation as outlined above does not guarantee that the appeal request will be granted. Each case is considered on an individual basis and it should be noted that in general new requests cannot be granted based on a previous appeal circumstance. Please note: appeals submitted without any supporting documentation will be denied.

Appeals and supporting documentation must be submitted by the published deadline date, those submitted after the deadline date will not be reviewed until after the drop/add period. NO EXCEPTIONS.

The Financial Aid Appeals committee will review the appeal request and respond via email regarding the decision. The Financial Aid Appeals committee reserves the right to request a financial aid academic plan requiring the student to meet certain standards in the upcoming semester that would lead to the re-establishment of eligibility and upon your agreement, if any terms of the plan are not met you will be placed in a Not Meet status for the next enrollment period/semester. 

Please note that students will be limited to two approved appeals during their undergraduate and graduate careers. 

Upon receipt of all required items, appeal requests will be reviewed and a reply will be issued as quickly as possible, generally within 10 (ten) business days, however the Financial Aid Appeals committee does reserve the right to extend the notification time frame during peak periods. Students will be notified via their BSU email and are encourage to periodically check their junk mail.