May 9 2022

Spring 2022 CURE Symposium

4:00 PM - 7:00 PM

You are invited to the Spring 2022 Course-based Undergraduate Research Experiences Program Virtual Symposium! We are especially proud of the 250+ student researchers who found a way to continue to conduct research this semester. Additionally, we are proud that many of these students were enrolled in introductory classes (100- and 200-level classes). Students from various research streams will present their work from the semester.

This year, the virtual Zoom format will allow us to gather and interact with students and faculty research mentors face-to-face. You will be able to ask questions, comment on their work, or find out more details about the projects. We commend all the student researchers who rose to the challenge to present their work. Special thanks to all the faculty research mentors who helped facilitate these rich projects.

To find out more about the CURE Program at Bowie State University, please visit our website at or email us at

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Dr. Chi Chi Esimai

Phone: 3018604344