About MPS

About MPS


In August 2019, the Division of Student Affairs officially opened the Office of Multicultural Programs and Services within the Department of Student Life. Thanks to the leadership of Vice President of Student Affairs, Dr. Artie L Travis and Assistant Vice President, Dr. April L Johnson, the Office of Multicultural Programs (MPS) is funded by the Department of Education Title III. Prior to the establishment of MPS, all diversity and inclusion initiatives were executed by the Department of Student Life. 


The Office of Multicultural Programs and Services is committed to providing, holistic student development opportunities reflective of the University’s mission to afford our students with a transformational experience as they prepare for careers, civic responsibilities, and lifelong learning. We are intentional in ensuring that ALL, irrespective of, race, nationality, gender/gender identity, sexual orientation, age, religion, social class, and disabilities are respected and valued; thereby fostering an inclusive Bowie State University environment. 


The Office of Multicultural Programs will be acknowledged as one of the nation’s best public comprehensive universities that is the premier programming model for culturally competent lifelong learners.


  • To serve as the central diversity and inclusion educational resource for cultivating, in all BSU students, greater activism toward inclusion and social justice on campus and beyond.
  • To foster a deeper understanding of and pride in their respective social identities and appreciation for other identities.
  • To offer diversity and inclusion educational opportunities on-campus, locally, nationally, and internationally.
  • To provide faculty and staff with resources to perform their roles in a sound intercultural manner.