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Need to schedule your annual Well Woman Exam?

First-Time Visits

A first-time appointment for an annual exam will be 45 minutes long. The first 15 minutes will include pap smear education followed by a medical history form, pertinent information, and brochures. When you arrive for a pelvic exam, the nurse practitioner will review your medical history form. Be sure to mention any specific symptoms you have and ask questions about any special concerns. If you are not sexually active, this is an opportunity for you to become well informed before having to make decisions. Information will be offered regarding all methods of contraception. If you are concerned about sexually transmitted diseases, you can ask the practitioner to discuss your concerns. She will take your blood pressure and examine the breasts and abdomen. The pelvic exam will follow.

Pap Smear (Pap Test) Guidelines 

Initiation of Screening

Start screening at age 21 years regardless of the age of first sexual intercourse.

Frequency of Screening

  • Age 21-29: every 2 years.
  • Age 30 and older: every years, if the person has had 3 consecutive cervical cytology results that are negative.
  • Exceptions that may require more frequent screening:
    • Women who are infected with HIV. Recommendation:  twice in the first year after diagnosis; annually thereafter
    • Women who are immunosuppressed (ex: transplant patients)
    • Women who were exposed to diethylstilbestrol in utero
    • Women previously treated for CIN2 , CIN3, or cancer. Recommendation: Annually for at least 20 years after treatment

Source: Clinical management guidelines for obstetrician-gynecologist: Cervical cytology screening. ACOG practice Bulletin, December 2009. No.109


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