Manohar Mareboyana

Manohar Mareboyana

Manohar Mareboyana PROFESSOR Dept of Computer Science

Phone 301-860-3971

Main Campus Computer Science Bldg, Room 221

< Computer Science


Ph.D., Indian Institute of Science, India


Image Processing, Pattern Recognition/Data Mining, Databases

Research Interests

Primary Research Theme: Artificial Intelligence

Primary Research Expertise

  • Image and Video Analysis
  • Generative Neural Networks

Primary Research Projects

  • Research involves image and video analysis, and generative neural networks.

Significant Funding Sources

  • Grants from DoD, NSF, and NASA.

Bios of Students

  • One doctoral student working on 3-D face generation using generative neural networks.

Areas of Interest

Neural Networks, Super Resolution

Honors and Awards

  • Outstanding Faculty
  • Best Paper Awards