News and Updates


Library Hours

The second floor of the Library is closed for renovation. Request materials at the Circulation Desk.

Thurgood Marshall Library Operational Changes

Due to a major HVAC improvement project in the Library, the second floor of the Library will be closed.

As the project progresses, additional interruptions of space use will be communicated in advance of these requirements. For further information, please contact the Library Administration Office at 301 860 3850 or Facilities Management at 301 860 4190.

Fact Checking and Media Literacy

There is a new LibGuide "The Fact Checking and Media Literacy" that is available. Here, we will discuss some elements of "fake news", how to spot it and how to perform your own research using fact-checking resources.

New York Times Bestsellers at the Library

What is your guilty pleasure? Do you enjoy nothing more than a rousing debate about the latest political figure with friends? Are you a secret voyeur, overly eager to snoop a peek into the popular public figure's private life? Click out the LibGuides for our Leisure Reading Collection.

Library Card Registration

Registration and renewals are still required for staff members. Please use Thurgood Marshall Library Registration Form or contact the Circulation Desk (301-860-3870).