Training for Student Workers

Customer Service for Student Workers

Working while in college is one of the universal experiences of college life and the Office of Human Resources has provided webinars to help student workers succeed on the job serving with integrity, excellence, and professionalism.



    Professionalism is both an attitude and a mindset.  Customers expect exceptional customer service and BSU is poised to deliver such as we race towards excellence. This webinar will highlight ways you are expected to project professionalism as you serve in various roles during the course of your workday.


    Greeting Customers 

    Properly greeting customers is important in every job. It helps them feel valued and welcome and that is important parts of our core values of inclusivity and excellence. This webinar will provide simple guidelines you may follow to greet, serve and support customers as you interact with them at work. 


    Telephone Etiquette 

    The is a right way and a wrong way to answer telephones at work and a little practice will make perfect. This webinar will discuss the 7 tips for great telephone etiquette as well as provide scripts you can use to answer and end a call professionally. 


    Email Etiquette 

    Email etiquette is the code of conduct for email communications. This webinar provides an overview of the basic principles of well-written correspondence when writing and responding to emails.