Tax Exempt Status

Notice to exempt organizations holding previously issued exemption certificates:

The Maryland Revenue Administration Division is re-issuing sales tax exemption certificates to all organizations which continue to qualify. Your organization's new certificate is attached and is valid effective immediately. Previously issued exemption certificates became invalid on October 1, 1997. Vendors are required to charge tax on sales made on or after October 1, 1997 to any organization which does not present a new certificate at the time of sale.

If your organization deals regularly with certain vendors, we suggest that you contact them so that they can verify that your organization has been issued a new certificate.

The re-issuance of these certificates does not change current procedures for claiming resale exclusions by exempt organizations engaged in purchasing tangible personal property for sale. The sales and use tax registration numbers of licensed vendors have not been changed and the validity of blanket resale certificates bearing these numbers is unaffected.

Additional copies of the exemption certificate may be obtained by organizations with more than one location or chapter, or for other demonstrated cause, by contacting the Legal Section by mail at Revenue Administration Center, Annapolis, MD 21411-0001.