Executive Board

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Cubie Bragg, Dr. Masica Jordan, Dr. Marsha Jackson

Micheal McGee

Micheal McGee, President


Micheal McGee is a Healthcare Management Professional with a BS degree in Psychology, and is currently attending Bowie State University in the Graduate Counseling Psychology Program. Micheal has worked in senior management in the disability field for over 20 years, serving people from diverse populations who are diagnosed with developmental/Intellectual disability (DD/ID), and Mental Health disorders. Some of Micheal professional accomplishments include, Director of Residential Services (Epic/SMVI), Director of Employment services (MVLE), Mid-Atlantic Executive Director (Sunrise Community Services), and Executive Director (United Cerebral Palsy of Maryland).

With a heart for giving Micheal Passionately gives back to his community as a Research Developer and Analyst for the Atikal Foundation, that focuses on celebrating survivors of Domestic violence and Cancer, while bringing awareness to the mental health issues that surrounds the traumatic experiences. Other organizations that Micheal is affiliated with are, Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for foster youth, a member of the Disability Equality, Diversity, Rights and Inclusion forum, Autism Society Discussion Group, Strategic Planning for Non-Profit Associations, Small Business Owners Group, American Counseling Association, a member of the University Systems of Maryland Student Council, American Counseling Association, Maryland Counseling Association and Board Member (President 2020-2021) for Graduate Student Association at Bowie State University.

Micheal is a strong advocate for change and diversity. Micheal believes that in life we have the will power to control our destiny. This has been Michael’s walk-in life and he has chosen a path of a servant to assist with change and diversity in the lives of those in which he meets daily. Micheal's goal is to help unleash the opportunity of success which we all have inside.

Micheal’s vision is to be part of a culture that is respected within the community. As an advocate of growth, Micheal places special attention on dignity, success, and creating opportunities for all.

Anissa Caldwell

Anissa Caldwell, Vice-President



Anissa Z. Caldwell is a student enrolled in the Organizational Communications program, here at Bowie State University. She earned her Bachelor of Art from Morgan State University in Public Relations, Advertisement, and Media Sales.

She currently serves as the Executive Vice President of the Graduate Student Association for the 2020-2021 academic school year. She previously served as the Parliamentarian/Organizational Liaison during the 2019-2020 academic school year. 

Ms. Caldwell is an HBCU advocate, community-builder, and enjoys watching documentaries. She works in the public affairs industry and currently works as a Press Assistant for a member of Congress.

Breanna Johnson

Breanna Johnson, Director of Communications


Breanna Johnson was born in Alabama but was able to adventure off to college at Valdosta State University and is currently attending Bowie State University. Breanna is curious minded, a sensitive listener and enjoys having organizational and planning responsibilities. What has allowed Breanna to enjoy these responsibilities is through the diligent involvement with on-campus organizations and a great deal of opportunities in her professional career. These organizations in undergrad allowed Breanna to become the Community Service Chairman, Event Coordinator, Public Relations Chair and Membership Coordinator.

Through these leadership positions Breanna has been able to complete a number or tasks. She has increased follower engagement activities on Facebook and Instagram, advertised and announced upcoming events and activities to Valdosta State’s campus, monitored online social media accounts, generated event layouts for on-campus events,  established different networking channels for collaborations, organized and planned various community service opportunities for organizations and facilitated and collected donation items for the homeless, plus much more.

Outside of extracurricular activities, Breanna has worked as an Administrative Assistant at Lowndes Associated Ministries to People, Columbus State University and Concentrix. Currently Breanna is a contractor for the FAA. All of Breanna’s experience allowed her to be the hard worker that she is today.

With graduation May 2021 Breanna Johnson will be receiving her MA in Human Resources Development and will be certified in Project Management for Professionals (PMP) by September 2020

David Thomas

David Thompson, Director of Finance

Office hours: TBD

David Thompson is the Director of Fiscal Operations for the Graduate Student Association at Bowie State University.  He will receive his Masters Degree in Organizational Communications in December 2020 and is keenly interested in learning more about artificial intelligence, how AI is transforming how people live and work, and how the technology is impacting communities of color globally. 

Thompson has an extensive background in strategic integrated communications planning with over 25 years of experience developing and managing advertising, branding, community, and media relations programs for some of the nation’s largest corporations, government agencies, associations, and non - profit organizations.  He currently works as a consultant with the District of Columbia Nurses Association, other clinicians in the region, and community groups to raise awareness about the myriad of issues and advance their concerns pertaining to COVID-19.

Thompson began his communications career in broadcasting with WPTF radio/television in Raleigh, North Carolina as a reporter and anchor.  He later transitioned to National Public Radio (NPR) as an independent producer in Washington, D.C. followed by an assignment with Warren Weil Associates, a boutique public relations firm.  He left Warren Weil and worked for AT&T, MCI, the Department of Defense, and most recently, United Medical Center where he served as Director of Communications and Public Relations managing internal and external communications.

His forte is strategic planning; messaging; writing speeches, marketing materials, press releases, and feature stories; counseling C-suite executives; and placing stories about products or issues in the Washington Post, USA Today, and on C-span, CNN, WUSA-TV 9, WTOP Radio; and other local/ national print and broadcast media outlets.

His motto is “you are what you eat” and encourages people to practice healthy eating at all times.  He promotes consuming more citrus fruits and vegetables to reinforce our immune systems to help combat the corona virus which has altered how we all live while taking the lives of so many people both young and old.  Thompson loves to research, read, travel, and listen to all genres of music (classical, R&B, symphonic, jazz, international, gospel, rock, and folk).  A trombonist, he plays with local jazz and R&B bands in the metropolitan area and the Reid Temple Orchestra.

He believes that every day is a blessing and that everyone at Bowie State University must work together in this “new virtual normal” to enable students, faculty, and administrators to succeed within the context of a healthy learning environment.  “Bowie State University is an untapped gold mine with its full potential yet to be realized,” said Thompson.

Thompson was born and raised in Wooster, Ohio.  He graduated from Wooster High School and earned a Bachelor's Degree in Education from the University of Toledo in Toledo, Ohio.  He is a proud member of Kappa Alpha PSI fraternity and the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA).

Liberty Carter

Liberty Carter, Parliamentarian

Office hours: TBD



Dr. Bragg, Faculty Advisor


Dr. Cubie A. Bragg is a licensed counselor and psychotherapist. He currently holds a Ph.D in clinical psychology and is a full-time faculty member in the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Human Services at Bowie State University. He is also Interim Director of the Adler-Dreikurs Institute of Human Services and coordinator of the Adlerian Counseling Psychology Program at Bowie State University. He is an internationally known lecturer, and a national doctoral addiction counselor and therapist. He is certified by the National Board for Certified Counselors, Inc., and is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker in the District of Columbia. Dr. Bragg has completed extensive research in stress management, depression and anxiety disorders. He serves as a reviewer for several national journals and is the recipient of numerous awards for his outstanding work with youth and child care workers. 

Dr. Bragg is the recipient of numerous awards and recognitions for his outstanding work in the field of human resources. He was president of The National Organization of Youth and Child Care Workers for six years, which provided him the experience of speaking and teaching internationally. As national president, he designed and implemented national and international conferences and training seminars.

Dr. Bragg has more than fourteen years of experience in developing and facilitating management training seminars, as well as organizational and staff development.

Dr. Jackson, Co-Advisor


Dr. Jackson, affectionately known as Dr. Jaye is a versatile goal-oriented talent development professional whose growth and satisfaction have come from the responsibility for the identification and resolution of problems. She has over 25 years’ experience in education and performance improvement with the goal of promoting sustainable competitive advantages to individuals, groups and organizations of a broad variety. Dr. Jaye received a doctorate from Virginia Tech in Adult Learning and Human Resource Development. She is also founder of TreSOTMi, LLC, a talent development enterprise, serving the needs of organizations in the growth and development of their employees. Dr. Jaye brings experience and expertise in various dimensions of training and management consultation inclusive of leadership development, career management, diversity, mentoring, interpersonal skills development, planned change, team building, and customer service resolutions. Dr. Jackson is published and has conducted research in the area of transformation learning. She is currently engaged in submitting a journal article for research conducted and presented on Human Capital Development: Building Organizational Trust in an Era of Cultural Divisiveness in which she received in 2017 the Best Paper Award from the International Organization of Social Sciences and Behavioral Research. Dr. Jackson has received numerous awards and recognition for her service in academia, service organizations, and the community and was the recent 2018 recipient of The Chair Academy’s, Idahlynne Karre Exemplary Leadership Award for research conducted collaboratively with Bowie State University's Human Resource Development Program faculty team members and Bermuda College's collaborative research on Intercultural Competency in Academia. Dr. Jackson is currently finalizing her manuscript that examines the emotions of women from a spiritual perspective for Winter 2020 release. Her belief that, “life holds unlimited potential and it is a privilege to give back to her community,” is the motivating force behind her drive to encourage others to maximize their best potential. She devotes her life to the development of our future generations of leaders. Dr Marsha E. Jackson is married, and the mother of son Freddye Jr, and two spoiled Shiatsu Poos, Nyla and Mercedes.

Dr. Jordan, Co-Advisor 


Dr. Jordan graduated from the University of Maryland’s Bowie State University in 2003 with a B.S. in Sociology and in 2005 with a M.A. in counseling psychology. Thereafter, she completed a Doctorate of Education in counseling/psychology in 2010. Dr. Jordan is a licensed clinical professional counselor (LCPC) and a certified peer recovery specialist (CPRS.)

She is the founder of Jordan Peer Recovery and a professor at University of Maryland’s Bowie State University a member institution of the University System of Maryland.  She is the former Executive Director of Organizational Excellence for Volunteers of America Chesapeake and Carolinas.

In addition, to formal education, Dr. Jordan has lived experience as a peer in the recovery community having overcome substance abuse herself as well as having lost her father and several other relatives to substance. She has turned her pain into passion and is motivated to improve recovery for all through building the peer recovery workforce throughout the U.S. and abroad.

She has been featured on FOX media, as well as a numerous local (D.C.) talk and news shows. 

Dr. Jordan was the former Dean of Students at the SEED Public Charter School of Washington, DC. The monumental work she did with minority at-risk students can be previewed in the HBO 2010 documentary film from director Davis Guggenheim and producer Lesley Chilcott, “Waiting for Superman.”

Dr. Jordan is a subject matter expert on culturally responsiveness. In addition to teaching multicultural counseling for over 10 years in collegiate settings, she has presented on international platforms on race relations and has been on the front line advocating for culturally diversity and training amongst the peer recovery and behavioral health workforces. In addition, she created a proprietary educational system for developing cultural responsiveness. This system has been used in agencies throughout the U.S. for peers and other behavioral health professionals.  Some of those agencies include the Houston Recovery Center/Sobriety Center, Friends of Recovery-New York, The Sheppard and Enoch Pratt Hospital and Baltimore Alliance for Careers in Healthcare.

In addition, Dr. Jordan has been on the frontline of combatting the opioid epidemic. In 2019, Dr. Jordan provided expert testimony to the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) on peer recovery and technologies to address the opioid epidemic.  Jordan Peer Recovery has received multiple awards from the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulations and sub-awardee for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) and the Baltimore Population Health Workforce Collaborative in training close to 1000 peers who are on the frontline of the opioid epidemic in Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Virginia.

Dr. Jordan has been published multiple times, including research and theoretical articles on peer recovery, cultural responsiveness and strategies for building minority communities. 

Dr. Jordan has assisted over 50 agencies and 3 countries in developing Peer Support programs. She has served as a Subject Matter Expert for several non-profits throughout the United States and internationally in the areas of peer recovery, evidenced based practices, research and program evaluation. Dr. Jordan has used her in depth expertise to facilitate workshops, seminars, management training, audits and assessments to numerous organizations.