Executive Board

Ephonia Green

Ephonia Green - President of GSA


With a natural flair for leadership, Ephonia has been instrumental in fostering a sense of community among graduate students. She has spearheaded numerous initiatives aimed at improving student welfare, including professional development and community service involvement. Her advocacy efforts extend to ensuring that graduate students' voices are heard and represented in university decisions, particularly in areas such as funding, curriculum development, and student services.

Ephonia is a strong proponent of collaborative work. She believes in the power of teamwork and actively encourages cross-departmental interactions to enrich the graduate experience. Her effective communication skills have been key in bridging the gap between students and the university administration, facilitating a more inclusive and responsive academic environment.

As President, Ephonia is committed to creating a supportive and vibrant community for graduate students. Her vision includes enhancing professional development opportunities, increasing accessibility to mental health resources, and cultivating an inclusive culture that respects and celebrates diversity.

Devin CashDevin Cash - Vice President


Born and raised in the heart of Washington, DC, Devin Cash is a dynamic and driven individual who began his academic pursuits at Charles Herbert Flowers High School in Prince George's County. After an impressive undergraduate tenure at Bowie State University, where he graduated in the Spring of 2023, Devin immediately continued his scholarly endeavors by enrolling in graduate studies in June.

Throughout his undergraduate journey, Devin was a central force in enhancing student life, dedicating three years to the Student Government Association. His dual passion for music also flourished, becoming a familiar face as the Campus DJ during his college years.

Currently, Devin serves as a TMA/AmeriCorps VISTA member, a role in which he is responsible for the Nutrition  Lounge, contributing to a nourishing and dynamic campus atmosphere. He is also proudly part of the Internet of Things & Internet Technologies (IoT&IT) Master's Program's second cohort, demonstrating his commitment to mastering emerging technologies.

Aramide Davina Sanya-AlogbaAramide Davina Sanya-Alogba - Director of Communication


Aramide Davina Sanya-Alogba is a distinguished graduate student at Bowie State University, where she is pursuing a degree in Human Resource Development. Her academic foundation is rooted in Mass Communication, having specialized in Public Relations and Advertising. Aramide graduated with high honors in 2022, demonstrating her dedication and excellence in her field.

Her journey in academia is marked by numerous awards, recognizing her for her creativity, academic achievements, and leadership qualities.

Currently, Aramide plays a vital role as the Communication Director for the Graduate Student Association (GSA). In this position, she is committed to enhancing the graduate student experience at Bowie State University. Her responsibilities include effective information dissemination amongst her peers, fostering a well-informed and engaged student community.

Her work in this role is a testament to her strong communication skills and her passion for contributing positively to the student body.

Srinvasa Kolachina

Srinivasa Kranthi Kiran Kolachina - Financial Director


Srinivasa Kranthi Kiran Kolachina was born in Rayagada, India. He received the Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Master’s in Physics from Andhra University, India, in 2003 and 2005, respectively. He also holds a Dual Master of Science in Electrical Engineering with emphasis on Radio Communications and Signal Processing from Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden, in 2007 and 2010, respectively.

He is currently working toward the PhD. degree in Computer Science at Bowie State University from August 2020. He works as a Research Assistant in the Computation Perception and Animation Laboratory (CPAL), where he engages in several NSF and NASA funded projects.

His research interests include anomaly detection using Large Language Models, Brain MRI analysis with variational autoencoders, also Artificial Intelligence with a focus on developing Deep Learning and Machine Learning models in the field of Cyber Security, and Health Care.

Liz Cole

Liz Rodriguez-Cole - Parliamentarian & Organization Liaison Officer


I am Liz Rodriguez-Cole, currently on an academic path at the College of Business, where I am pursuing a Masters of Art in Human Resource Development. This advanced degree builds upon my foundational knowledge and is a testament to my commitment to professional growth in the field of HR.

My educational background is rooted in a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish Language & Literature and Biopsychology, which I obtained in 2012 from Notre Dame of Maryland University. This diverse educational experience has equipped me with a unique blend of linguistic, psychological, and biological insights.

Professionally, I am dedicated to my role as an Adult Learning Specialist, specializing in e-learning development. Outside of work, my interests extend to organizing events and attending networking mixers, activities that allow me to indulge in my love for community engagement and continuous learning.

Linda OrajekweLinda Orajekwe - Past President of GSA


Linda Orajekwe is a dedicated advocate for social justice, focusing on resource accessibility and inclusion in both academic and workplace settings. As a graduate student in Human Resource Development at Bowie State University, she has held leadership roles, including President of the Graduate Students Association, demonstrating her commitment to positive change and student advocacy. Linda champions workplace inclusivity and student resource awareness, firmly believing in equal opportunities for all. Her research, including a notable paper on 'Organizational Justice as Trigger to Quiet Quitting,' earned her the NAAAS Research Award in 2023. Additionally, Linda has contributed as an Inclusion Panelist for NASA, assessing and advancing their IDEA goals. Her efforts reflect a deep commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and a human-centered approach in professional and academic environments.

Dr. Cubie BraggDr. Cubie Bragg, Faculty Advisor


Dr. Cubie A. Bragg is a licensed counselor and psychotherapist. He currently holds a Ph.D in clinical psychology and is a full-time faculty member in the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Human Services at Bowie State University. He is also Interim Director of the Adler-Dreikurs Institute of Human Services and coordinator of the Adlerian Counseling Psychology Program at Bowie State University.

He is an internationally known lecturer, and a national doctoral addiction counselor and therapist. He is certified by the National Board for Certified Counselors, Inc., and is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker in the District of Columbia. Dr. Bragg has completed extensive research in stress management, depression and anxiety disorders. He serves as a reviewer for several national journals and is the recipient of numerous awards for his outstanding work with youth and child care workers.

Dr. Bragg is the recipient of numerous awards and recognitions for his outstanding work in the field of human resources. He was president of The National Organization of Youth and Child Care Workers for six years, which provided him the experience of speaking and teaching internationally. As national president, he designed and implemented national and international conferences and training seminars.

Dr. Bragg has more than fourteen years of experience in developing and facilitating management training seminars, as well as organizational and staff development.

Masica JordanDr. Masica Jordan - Co-Advisor


Dr. Jordan is an esteemed graduate of Bowie State University, part of the University System of Maryland, where she completed her B.S. in Sociology in 2003 and M.A. in Counseling Psychology in 2005, followed by a Doctorate in Education (Counseling/Psychology) in 2010. She is a licensed clinical professional counselor and a certified peer recovery specialist. Dr. Jordan founded Jordan Peer Recovery and is currently a faculty member at Bowie State University. Her personal journey includes overcoming substance abuse and coping with the loss of family members to similar struggles, which has deeply influenced her professional path. Previously, Dr. Jordan served as the Executive Director of Organizational Excellence at Volunteers of America Chesapeake and Carolinas and as Dean of Students at SEED Public Charter School in Washington, DC. Her impactful work with minority at-risk students was highlighted in the 2010 HBO documentary "Waiting for Superman." She has also gained recognition through features on FOX media and various local talk and news shows in the D.C. area.

As a subject matter expert on cultural responsiveness, Dr. Jordan has over a decade of experience teaching multicultural counseling in collegiate settings. She has presented internationally on race relations and has been at the forefront of advocating for cultural diversity in peer recovery and behavioral health. Dr. Jordan developed a proprietary educational system for fostering cultural responsiveness, which has been implemented in various U.S. agencies including the Houston Recovery Center/Sobriety Center, Friends of Recovery-New York, The Sheppard and Enoch Pratt Hospital, and the Baltimore Alliance for Careers in Healthcare. In her fight against the opioid epidemic, Dr. Jordan provided expert testimony to the U.S. Government Accountability Office in 2019. Her organization, Jordan Peer Recovery, has been recognized for its contributions in training nearly 1000 peer recovery specialists in the Mid-Atlantic region and has received multiple awards. Dr. Jordan's extensive publications cover peer recovery, cultural responsiveness, and strategies for building minority communities. She has been instrumental in developing peer support programs for over 50 agencies and three countries, offering her expertise in peer recovery, evidenced-based practices, and program evaluation. Her dedication extends to conducting workshops, seminars, and management training for various organizations.

Dr. Marsha Jackson, Co-Advisor


Dr. Marsha E. Jackson, fondly referred to as Dr. Jaye, stands out as a dynamic and versatile professional in talent development. With a rich experience spanning over a quarter of a century in education and performance enhancement, her focus has been on driving sustainable competitive edges for a wide range of individuals, groups, and organizations. Dr. Jaye's academic journey culminated with a doctorate in Adult Learning and Human Resource Development from Virginia Tech. She is also the pioneering force behind TreSOTMi, LLC, an organization dedicated to the advancement and development of talent within various enterprises.

In her expansive career, Dr. Jaye has demonstrated proficiency in numerous aspects of training and management consultancy. Her expertise encompasses leadership development, career management, fostering diversity, mentoring, enhancing interpersonal skills, enacting planned change, building teams, and resolving customer service issues. A published researcher in transformational learning, Dr. Jaye's notable contributions include a celebrated paper on "Human Capital Development: Building Organizational Trust in an Era of Cultural Divisiveness," which earned her the Best Paper Award from the International Organization of Social Sciences and Behavioral Research in 2017. Her exemplary work in academia and various service organizations has been consistently recognized, notably with the Idahlynne Karre Exemplary Leadership Award in 2018 from The Chair Academy for her collaborative research efforts.