About Staff Council

Basic to the effective operation of any system of higher education is the acceptance of the concept of shared governance. The Bowie State University Staff Council (BSUSC) represents the interests and concerns of staff employees who are excluded from collective bargaining/union membership. The Staff Council participates in an advocacy and advisory capacity, in the review and implementation of university policies and procedures; and provides a forum for discussion and recommendation on matters involving this constituency with consideration of the welfare of the entire BSU community. This advocacy also includes an advisory role in administrative areas; as well as in the functional support of academic matters.

The BSU Staff Council has committee structures and utilizes them as a vehicle to serve the entire membership and to provide representation to the Bowie State University Council. These structures also inform employees of the University System of Maryland's (USM) related actions and provides a liaison to the USM Council of University System Staff (CUSS) and Bowie State University. The USM CUSS Organization is the State of Maryland System-wide Governing Body from which all USM Staff Council and/or Staff Senate Shared Governance Organizations are constitutionally established and governed.

The herein stated BSUSC Constitution and By-Laws do not apply  to  or  presume  to  represent any Bowie State University  Staff Members  who are covered  by  a  Memorandum of Understanding between either the  AFSCME  Collective  Bargaining  Unit/Union  or MCEA Collective Bargaining Unit/Union and Bowie State University; as determined by the· Bowie State University Office of Human Resources.

First Read: January 9, 2017 ~ Member Approved: May 25, 2017 ~ Final Ratification & Adoption: August 3, 2017

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