Staff Council Committees

Staff Council is always happy to have volunteers. Here are some ways you can participate.

Serve on a Staff Council Committee

Constitution and By-Laws Committee

  1. The Constitution and By-Laws Committee shall develop, review and make recommendations, revisions, and clarifications to the Constitution and By-Laws as necessary.
  2. The Constitution and By-Laws Committee shall review the by-laws every three years to determine if the purposes and functions of the Staff Council are being fulfilled, if the composition of the membership needs updating, and ensure that the Staff Council is adhering to this document.

Staff Policy Review Committee

The Staff Policy Review Committee shall review and make recommendations relative to proposals and changes from the campus and USM policies concerning conditions of employment for all Staff Council members.

Staff Professional Development Committee

  1. The Staff Development Committee shall be charged with collaborating with the Office of Human Resources to provide staff professional development, recognition and collaborative activities for the Staff Council membership. 
  2. The Staff Professional Development Committee shall research and distribute opportunities for staff development.

Elections Committee

The Election Committee shall establish a slate of nominees, develop the ballot and conduct elections for the Staff Council.

Cynthia Coleman Scholarship Committee

  1. The Cynthia Coleman Scholarship Committee shall be responsible for the advertisement, collection, review, and awarding of all scholarship programs offered by the Staff Council.
  2. The Cynthia Coleman Scholarship Committee shall work with the Events Committee to explore and implement opportunities and activities to raise funds by the Staff Council to be used for scholarships.

Environmental Impact Committee

  1. The Environmental Impact Committee shall work to investigate and explore those environmental factors and systems that impact the work performed by staff.
  2. The Environmental Impact Committee shall provide the Staff Council with recommendations that provide solutions to university operations that inhibit efficiency in operations and cause increased costs both in terms of fiscal and personnel resources.

Events Committee

The Events Committee shall plan, organize, and execute social and fundraising events sponsored by the Staff Council. These events include but are not limited to the Welcome Back Gathering, Homecoming Parade, Holiday Party, and End of the Year Picnic.

Board of Regents (BOR) Staff Awards Committee

The Board of Regents (BOR) Staff Awards Committee shall work with nominators to ensure that BOR nomination packages are an excellent reflection of each nominee's contribution.

Serve on a University Council Committee

Traffic, Parking and Safety

The purpose of this committee is to develop and recommend for implementation traffic, parking, safety and environmental issues, rules and regulations.

Space, Building and Grounds

The purpose of this committee is to address concerns regarding existing and future buildings and the surrounding campus environment.

Government Relations

The purpose of this committee is to work collaboratively with the President's Office and Institutional Advancement monitoring State and Federal legislative policies, laws and mandates and to respond to issues affecting higher education and Bowie State University.

Information Technology

The purpose of this committee is to advise the University Council regarding campus technology needs and priorities governing computer use, software and hardware products provided by the University.

Fiscal Affairs

The purpose of this committee is to review the University's fiscal resources and make recommendations regarding the utilization of these fiscal resources to the University Council.


The purpose of this committee is to ensure an environment that promotes the health of all members of the University community.