Spring 2020

  • Supporting goal: 1B

    Reponsible department(s): Health & Wellness

    Time frame: Spring 2020 – Spring 2021


    • Communicate with distributors to offer more fresh vegetables and fruits
    • Work with retailer to obtain recycled bags and distribute recycled bags for food items.

    Measure of success:

    • Number of visitors to pantry
    • Number of bags distributed in grab and go.
  • Supporting goal: 2

    Reponsible department(s): Facilities Management

    Time frame: Spring 2020- Summer 2021


    • Identify retrofit areas
    • Purchase requisite number of bulbs
    • Coordinate installation schedule with building occupants
    • Install bulbs/fixtures

    Measure of success:

    • Lowered utility bills
    • Decreased rate of Maintenance for lighting
  • Supporting goal: RESILIENCE

    Reponsible department(s): Facilities Mangement

    Time frame: Spring 2020- Fall 2025


    • Survey buildings to determine priority needs for upgraded systems
    • Assess best systems needed for specified buildings
    • RFP process for best vendors
    • Select vendors and secure funding sources
    • Implement work schedule for vendors and design notifications to building occupants/campus
    • Work commences in buildings

    Measure of success:

    • Number of buildings with replaced or improved systems
    • Lowered utitlity bills in building