Summer 2020

  • Supporting goal: 1A

    Reponsible department(s): Human Resources, DIT

    Time frame: Summer 2020 – Summer 2023


    • Identify all sources of requests that use paper forms
    • Determine vendor pool, evaluate offerings
    • Pilot engagement with selected vendor
    • Form Selection Committee
    • Evaluation and recommendations from Selection Committee
    • CPIC process (DIT)
    • Acquire solution, implelment solution, and manage solution
    • Create campaign to notify campus community of this change

    Measure of success: Reduction in use of paper-driven processes by 75%. 

  • Supporting goal: 1B

    Reponsible department(s): Auxiliary (Dining) Services

    Time frame: Summer 2020- Fall 2021


    • Increase meal plan purchases for non-required meal plans (faculty/staff, and commuters)
    • Work to increase carry out options
    • Increase marketing efforts

    Measure of success:

    • Increase program participation by 2.5% of total meal plan participation each semester
    • Increase non-required meal plan purchases by 10 meal plans each semester

  • Supporting goal: 4

    Reponsible department(s): Human Resources

    Time frame: Summer 2020- Summer 2021


    • Communicate with other USM institutions on their telework policy
    • Modify existing policy to make it more comprehensive and concise
    • Get proper approval- VP of Admin & Finance, Staff Council and Union, University Council and Cabinet
    • Encourage teleworking for employees
    • Revise telework forms and process forms

    Measure of success: 30% increase in employees who use some type of permanent telework options

  • Supporting goal: RESILIENCE

    Reponsible department(s): Facilities Management

    Time frame: Summer 2020- Fall 2020


    • Survey and access the existing roof
    • Provide specifications for design
    • Roofing contractor to remove existing roof
    • Install new roof

    Measure of success:

    • Replaced roofs
    • Lowered utility bills due to improved efficiency
  • Supporting goal: RESILIENCE

    Reponsible department(s): Facilities Management

    Time frame: Summer 2020- Spring 2021


    • Determine which buildings and systems require renewability
    • RFP process for best vendors
    • Procure equipment
    • Install workstations, gateway cards, and generators appropriately

    Measure of success: Number of renewed systems in place

  • Supporting goal: n/a

    Reponsible department(s): C4

    Time frame: Summer 2020- Fall 2025


    • Promote the importance through social media & website the benefits of solar instatllation (and jobs) to BSU community
    • Partner with on-campus groups/academies to recruit students in renewable energy and work with support staff and administration on leveraging available opportunities
    • Connect with solar employers or third party organizations to vet the available opportunities for students/recent grads
    • Assess and determine the fit for opportunities to match with the BSU community

    Measure of success: Number of students/recent grads working or interning in renewable energy field