Cooperative Learning

Cooperative Education is a unique plan of educational enrichment designed to enhance self-realization and direction. This plan is accomplished through the integration of classroom theory with a planned and supervised practical work experience related to the student's major field of academic study and career goals.

Students who participate in the Cooperative Education Program will learn:

  • Job titles and daily work tasks performed in an occupation or industry
  • Relevant skills needed to be successful in an occupation
  • Occupations that align with their interests and values
  • Related occupations or industries of interest to them

Types of Cooperative Education Programs 

There are two types of Cooperative Education programs at Bowie State University that you can participate in.

  • Parallel Co-op is like a part-time job. The student goes to school full-time and works about 20 hours per week each semester. Students receive six credits for Parallel Co-op.
  • Alternating Co-op is when the student alternates semesters between full-time work and full-time study. Students receive 12 credits for Alternating Co-op.

Co-Op Courses

Each academic department at Bowie State University offers a co-op course. However, these courses are offered at the discretion of those departments. In order to receive academic credits, you must register for the applicable Co-op course as advised by your Faculty Advisor and/or Department Chair.

The Co-op courses are: COOP 398 (6 credits), COOP 198 & 298 (12 credits). Students approved to do an Alternating Co-op assignment must register for the COOP 198 section the first semester and the COOP 298 section the next semester of that work assignment.

Co-Op Course Requirements

Students interested in participating in this experiential learning program must:

  1. Schedule an appointment to meet with the Cooperative Education Coordinator in the Career Development Center.
  2. Make application to the Cooperative Education Program.
  3. Work with faculty advisor / department chair to register for the appropriate co-op course.

 Once enrolled in the co-op course, students must:

  1. Attend an Orientation Session at the beginning of the semester.
  2. Attend a mid-year Professional Development Session.
  3. Complete 150 work hours at their approved Co-op site.
  4. Complete and submit reports, evaluations and other assignments to the Cooperative Education Coordinator who will issue a failing or passing grade.