Enhanced and Existing Safety at Bowie State

The University President has released a message concerning enhanced and existing safety measures on campus.

Job Shadow Program

The Job Shadow Program provides an opportunity for students to explore, firsthand, occupations that interests them. Student/s will be paired with a professional employed in their prospective occupation and will shadow them at their place of employment for an agreed upon time. Program operational dates are during the winter (January) or spring break (March) as determined by the university.

Students who participate in our Job Shadow Program will:

  • Learn how to network with professionals
  • Learn about career paths relevant to their academic discipline or interest
  • Learn work activities performed daily by professionals
  • Learn about skills needed to be successful in an occupation of interest
  • Learn industry trends

Our Program Coordinator reviews proposed job shadow opportunities submitted by employers. A job shadow event may be scheduled for one – two days or possibly even a week. The employer carefully plans the event with you in mind ensuring you have the opportunity to meet and interact with key personnel, learn about their organization and industry, as well as how to apply for internship and/or job opportunities they may offer.

Students have the opportunity to review and discuss job shadow opportunities with the Program Coordinator. More than one student may be assigned to an employer site. Once a job shadow opportunity has been selected by a student/s, the Program Coordinator will contact the employer to give them the name of the student/s who will be visiting their site. Student/s must also contact the employer to make any additional arrangements for their visit if required by the employer. Additionally, students are required to attend a Job Shadow Program Orientation prior to their job shadow assignment.

Transportation to and from the site and costs associated with travel to the employer’s site are solely the responsibility of the student. Student/s participating in our Job Shadow Program must adhere to the University’s Student Code of Conduct and represent the university in a professional manner by adhering to the university core values – excellence, integrity, civility, diversity and accountability.

Students interested in participating in this experiential learning program must complete an application and schedule an appointment with our Program Coordinator in the Career Development Center.